Alex Anderson growing Locks for Love

On paper, senior football player Alex Anderson is the exact definition of an athlete; with a tall, muscular body, he could be considered a work out guru, dedicated to fitness.

But there is something wrong with this picture: his long, gorgeous, golden-blonde hair.

In today’s society, long hair is not typically considered to be a manly trait. Maybe Anderson has been influenced by ancient warriors such as Achilles and Hercules or perhaps even the symbol of romance, Fabio.

Appealing to the Sci-Fi Fantasy fanatics, he could easily be the equivalent of Legolas from “The Lord of the Rings.”  Another possibility could be that he is bringing the beach to the midlands with a “surfer-boy” look.

“Achilles or Hercules would have to be my favorite,” said Anderson.

All kidding aside, Anderson is not trying to appeal to the females on campus with his beautiful hair. He is actually growing his hair out for a greater cause: Locks of Love.

Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that creates hairpieces to children in the United States and Canada under the age of 21 who have diagnoses that consist of long-term hair loss.

The donated hair not only helps the children feel normal again, but it also helps these patients boost their self-esteem and build their confidence to face their friends and family after overcoming their diseases.

There are three requirements for donating to Locks of Love.

The first one is that the section of hair must be at least 10-inches long. The second is that the hair must be natural hair color. Lastly, the donator must send his or her hair in small ponytails to the company.

Anderson has now surpassed the Justin Beiber ‘do, and moved on down to the length of his shoulders.

“It’s about nine inches in the longest parts of my hair, and about eight inches in the back,” said Anderson.

He also said that he has about four more months to go.

So when exactly did Alex decide that he wanted to grow out his hair?

“Well I started growing it out two summers ago. It was just for fun.”

After growing it out 6 inches, he just decided to keep going.  Anderson said that he just wanted to be a good guy and do something good for people in need.

This is not the first time that Anderson has grown out his hair, either.  His sophomore year here at Maryville, he made the decision to grow a mullet.

It does not cost a lot of money to grow out your hair. Anderson uses the cheapest shampoo he can find, using Suave Daily Clarifying to make his hair shine for only $0.97 a bottle.

After he donates all of his luscious locks, Anderson will be going back to a buzz cut.


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