Career Center has job openings next semester

Need a job? Well, the Career Center has several openings available for the incoming semester. Students can find the applications located on Handshake—be sure to pay attention to the due date because each of them is different. The open positions are Peer Career Coach, Social Media Marketing Intern, and Design Intern. 

  “These positions offer the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of various professional resources like technological platforms such as Handshake and LinkedIn. Also, these positions will connect students with other staff members to develop guests’ career skills alongside their own,” said Sarah Yeaple, Assistant Director of the Career Center.

Peer Career Coaches are students that provide one-on-one assistance with career readiness and development by providing resources to other students and visitors. This may include revising professional statements, resumes, cover letters, or any other type of piece to promote growth in a specialized setting. 

The coaches not only handle written pieces, but they also assist with opportunities like career fairs, internship fairs, and mock interviews. Although the position may seem intimidating, the atmosphere has been described as the opposite.

“The environment is relaxed and reassuring. Even though the full-time staff members are the only professionals, they do try to identify themselves with students. This makes the process and environment easier to approach for Peer Career Coaches and visitors,” said Abby Tonos, senior Peer Career Coach.

Another aspect of being a Peer Career Coach is being among diverse individuals that want to make a change within the setting.

  “The Career Center is a special place because we have such an amazing and diverse group with students that come from different classes, majors, genders, and backgrounds. They always have unique solutions to a problem that may arise,” said sophomore Ahmed Mesbah, Peer Career Coach. 

Applications for the Peer Career Coach position will be taken down and closed by Nov. 30.  

A few Peer Career Coaches gathering together to celebrate a successful Career Fair. Photo by Elicia Ferrer

As for the Social Media Marketing Intern, this position will consist of editing and generating written content to be utilized for other purposes. This includes posting schedules and creating flyers with other online programs. The current Social Media Marketing Intern, Megan Wright Robinson, describes the position as laid back and informative.

“When students enter the Career center, they will be welcomed with a warm smile and a staff member singing Disney songs. Although this does not seem to fit the idea of something called the ‘Career Center,’ a lot of stuff still gets done in this laid-back environment,” Robinson said. 

“While in this position, I have learned different programing and styles of professional engagement,” Robinson said.  “This is a valuable skill that translates well within any environment.” Applications for next semester’s Social Media Marketing Intern are due by Nov. 15. on Handshake.

As for the Design Intern, the person in this position will be responsible for graphic designs and additional online content to promote the Career Center’s resources. As an intern, the student will be liable for completing 10 hours a week on-site for the 3-hour internship course. The application for this position will be due by Nov. 18. 

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