Carpe Librum: ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go!’

In honor of our graduation, I decided an adaptation of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss was more appropriate than a book review. I hope you appreciate it, my fellow seniors!



It’ll soon be our day.

We’ve waited four years now,

So what can I say?


Our theses are written,

Student teaching is done

If it weren’t for exams,

We really could have had fun.

We’ll be on our own; having done all we could.

So let’s take a moment to recall what was good.


From wee, frightened freshman, we’ve grown a good bit;

Through troubles and papers, we’ve said, “We won’t quit!”

So slowly but surely, though times we’ve been carried,

Our times at MC have been vast and been varied.


Our friends perhaps greatest,

Among assets here,

‘Cause Maryville’s more

Than papers austere.


But let us remember,

and look with a smile

At the things we will miss most,

For these things are worthwhile.


Oh! The MC we know!


We’ve stayed up all night!

We’ve studied and danced!

We’ve seized ev’ry day,

And our lives we’ve enhanced.


Though we’re off to great places, and people, and things,

It will be “Chilhowee” that every heart sings.

Wherever we go, Scots are best of the best.

(Just don’t tell UT that we’ll top all the rest.)


And sometimes we won’t,

But that’s ok, too.


I know that it’s sad but

I can’t lie to you.

There are days

When it seems like our best just won’t do.


But Scots are resourceful,

We’re fighters, you know.

And we’ll find a way out,

Sure as sun melts the snow.


So though my poem is short and exceedingly silly,

I’ll hope you forgive every lame rhyme and … Billy.

I just needed to say a few things before we go,

And if I wait ‘til commencement, my friends, you won’t know;

We’ll be caught up in glory, and our words will not show!


So I must say now,

How our class makes me proud,

And we’ll always be better than the rest of the crowd.


Class of 2012, we’ll move mountains!


So …


Whether we’ve majored in hist’ry or art or in science,

And whether our acts have been all in compliance,

We’re off to our jobs, our grad schools, our homes!

We’re off to New Yorks and D.C.s and Romes!


I’ll miss you all greatly,

But I want you to know,

That I can’t wait to see

All the places you’ll go.


Congratulations, Class of 2012.

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