Celebrations for Valentine’s Day are declining

Many Americans over recent years have not celebrated Valentine’s Day as it has become an overrated holiday. According to a survey taken by The National Retail Federation, over 60% of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day a decade ago.

Today, however, only 51% plan something special for their valentine. Fewer people are celebrating the holiday, yet the study shows an incline of the most money ever spent on flowers, chocolate, candy and jewelry. Last year’s survey showed 55% people are planning to celebrate the holiday.

For some reason, we let Valentine’s Day define how strong and unbreakable our relationships are. We use the holiday to show affection and find out how affectionate others are to us. Many of us end up spending a lot of money, stressing out, and feeling immense pressure to be overly romantic.

It’s just another day in the year, but many Americans feel that the holiday has made it a societal norm to celebrate, and that it is now a status symbol to have a valentine. There are many reasons why people do not actually celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore as they did before.

One reason is that you don’t need a specific day just to show your love and appreciation to each other. Many believe showing your love year-round is healthier for a relationship. Most view Valentine’s Day more as being forced. Valentine’s Day has been commercialized for quite some time.

Most presents are marked overpriced. Overall, the strength of your relationships should not be based on assorted chocolates and sweet worded cards. Less people have celebrated the holiday here recently because they just don’t want to spend the extra money.

Another reason why the amount of people celebrating Valentine’s Day has declined is because of the crowds and traffic. As the month before the holiday approaches, many popular restaurants are already booked. There’s really nothing less romantic than sitting in traffic and being surrounded by strangers in a crowded restaurant.

Most times, Valentine’s Day covers up the issues of a relationship and makes up for mistakes that have been made. For some, it can be depressing for those that are single, unhappy in their relationship or many other instances. Of course, people should make up for their mistakes and work through their relationships more often than just Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day also makes most people feel like they must have someone to spend it with. The holiday makes it seem like in order to be happy in life and successful that you need a person to spend it with.

Really, Valentine’s Day is about loving and accepting someone. Americans should view the holiday as finding love for one another without being in a relationship. It should be about love for yourself, your parents, your kids, and not just a significant romantic partner.

Overall, not as many people celebrate Valentine’s Day like they used to. Only around half of the population celebrates or even thinks about planning something special. Yes, many people still plan a romantic evening for a loved one to celebrate their bond with one another.    Practicing self-love and acceptance for one another and oneself should be the most important consideration — not planning something that is forced and over-priced.

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