Clayton Center for the Arts disputes staffing shortage rumors

As the holidays roll around, so do the myriad of programs and shows at Clayton Center for the Arts (CCA). From “The Nutcracker” to “Cinderella – The Ballet”. Despite rumors circulating on campus, the CCA affirms that they aren’t facing staffing shortages.

In October, it was announced that tickets to “The Laramie Project” would be free, when they weren’t initially planned to be. Some speculated that the Clayton Center lacked the staff needed to manage the box offices. According to Christy Slavick, Director of the Clayton Center for the Arts, this could not be farther from the truth.

“There are no staff[ing] shortages,” Slavick said. “We have many [people] running the box offices adequately.” Slavick explained that tickets to “The Laramie Project” were free due to the temporary absence of one of their staff members, who was on vacation.

Furthermore, it’s the responsibility of the show runners, not the CCA, to price tickets. In the case of  “The Laramie Project”, it just so happened that the show runners decided to not price the tickets. Given the important message of “The Laramie Project”, centered around the tragic murder of Matthew Shepard, they wanted to make the show accessible to a wider audience.

“I would like to find better ways to get feedback from the students,” Slavick stated. She believes that increased communication will help prevent misunderstandings and unfounded speculations in the future, ensuring a positive relationship between the CCA and Maryville College.

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