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While women are underrepresented in many aspects of politics, Hillary Clinton is breaking unspoken rules of who can be the President of The United States. Photo from
While women are underrepresented in many aspects of politics, Hillary Clinton is breaking unspoken rules of who can be the President of The United States. Photo from

The unwritten rules of who can be president may change in 2016. This year’s election could be the breaking of the highest glass ceiling in the United States: President of the United States.

Throughout the history of the U.S., the oval office has been occupied by men. There is a strong possibility that this could change on inauguration day in 2017 if Hillary Clinton has anything to say about it.

The former Secretary of State is favored to win the nomination for the Democratic party. On Super Tuesday, she gained 486 delegates from seven sates in her contest against Senator Bernie Sanders. This brings her total to 577 delegates versus Sanders’ 386.

If she makes it to 2,383 delegates she will be the Democrat’s nominee. Clinton failed to win the nomination during her first run for office. She lost the nomination to Barack Obama in 2008, who went on to become the first African-American and non-white president.

If she beats Sanders, she will be the first woman to win a major party nomination. It would place her one step closer to being the first woman to become the chief executive.

Many women have attempted to be a major party’s nominee. Most recently Carly Fiorina, who suspended her campaign in February, ran for the Republican nomination. One of the more notable campaigns, on the democratic side, was Shirley Chisholm in 1972, the first African-American to run for president.

Others have received the nomination within a third party or as a vice presidential candidate. Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was Senator John McCain’s running mate in 2008, and Geraldine Ferraro was Vice President Walter Mondale’s in 1984.

Women running for president is nothing new, but Clinton’s chances of achieving this feat is unprecedented. There is a possibility of Clinton being the first woman to be president.

Emily’s List, a political group focused on getting Democratic women elected to public office, has taken notice. The group has endorsed Clinton for election in 2016. Another women’s organization supporting Clinton is the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee, or NOW PAC.

Support for Clinton continues the push for getting women elected for office. It also continues to bring up the question about the lack of women in public office.

The 114th Congress has reached a record number of women in elected positions. However, women only hold 20 percent of the 535 seats.

Women are underrepresented in politics considering the U.S. population is approximately 50 percent female. Groups like Emily’s list, NOW PAC, and Feminist Majority have made attempts to change this.

She Should Run, a non-partisan organization, believes the problem is the lack of encouragement for women leaders. Noting that women win political races at the same rate as men, the organization believes recruiting matters.

Emily’s List has made attempts to recruit women for political leadership roles. Jess McIntosh, the group’s communications director, told the Nation “Our progress hasn’t been easy, and we’re nowhere near done—but there is clearly a mandate for women’s leadership in this country and we’re going to keep fighting.”

There is a call for women’s leadership. Clinton can be the one to open the door for more women in politics by reaching the country’s highest office.

This potentially historic run can inspire more women to seek public office. Clinton’s success could mean success for more women across the nation.

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