Fashion alert: falling for this year’s autumn trends

(Photo by Libby Hess)
Try incorporating one standout item, such as scarf, in a trendy color to add a ‘pop’ of color to your outfit.

The crisp chill in the air, the crinkle of falling leaves and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes — you know what that means. Fall is here! Now that we all know the importance of putting the effort in to dressing for class, we can talk about what makes fashion fun — trends!

After scouring many magazines, websites and blogs, I have compiled a list of five fun fall trends that we college students can easily incorporate into our daily wardrobes. The first fall trends are the fall classics.Chunky sweaters, warm scarves and boots are all staple items that never go out of style. These are pieces that you might want to splurge on, because you can wear them for years to come.

The next trend is the “hot” colors of fall. This season’s “it” color is hands down oxblood. Don’t let the morbid name fool you; this deep burgundy shade is all over runways, magazines and red carpets. It is a must have for this year’s fall and winter season. For other popular colors, look at the shades of the falling leaves. Burnt orange, mustard yellow and deep pine green are some of the additional popular hues for this season. Try incorporating one standout item in a trendy color to add a “pop” of color to your outfit.

If you are more daring, go for an oxblood pant or a burnt orange pea coat. Another hot trend for cooler weather is quirky statement prints. I’m not just talking about your standard polka dots or stripes, although those are always popular. This season is all about bold, standout graphic prints, like animal faces or silhouettes, typography, graphics and intense floral patterns.

Most commonly, these prints are found on sweaters, button-up shirts and cardigans. However, for more of a statement, try a blazer or coat with one of these quirky prints. You definitely won’t blend in! As for footwear, I’ll be the first to admit that boots are my footwear of choice for the fall. However, some other stylish options for the colder weather have been popping up.

One fun non-boot option is the classic smoking slipper. Not à la Hugh Heffner, but a modern take on the staple menswear shoe, updated with edgy spikes and studs or in a fun print. My personal favorite is a leopard smoking slipper. Another option borrowed from the boys is the oxford. These are favorites of many celebrities, most notably Taylor Swift.

Oxfords come in a variety of styles such as patent leather, suede and with laces and without laces. Another fun added detail is colored bottoms on the oxfords. So, instead of grabbing your trusty boots every day, opt for a little variety with the smoking slipper or oxfords. The final trend has to do with not wearing just your average jeans. Jeans are pretty much every college student’s go-to wardrobe staple, but this fall is all about taking a staple and turning it up a notch or two.

When it comes to jeans, bold rich hues, patterns and treatments are all the rage. Try a skinny jean or corduroy in one of the fall’s hot colors — oxblood would be a great pick. Patterned jeans were big in the spring and are here to stay. Go for a subtle polka dot or bold floral to incorporate this trend. Treated denim, often called waxed or coated, is a great and budget-friendly option that looks like leather without the price tag and with the comfort of denim.

It is one trend that I cannot wait to try out. Fall is all about experimenting with these and other trends, such as supporting your favorite teams by wearing their colors, wearing the new fall nail polish collections and adoring yourself with jeweled statement collars.

Don’t be afraid to combine more than one trend. This is the season for layering, after all. Be daring this fall. Before long, all people will see is your coat!

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