How did you pass the time over the long Winter Break?

Elaine Wilson added that they visited two parks, Animal and Magic Kingdom. 

Photo by Savannah Stewart.

 Freshman Ryne Simmerly got a visit from Elaine Wilson ‘24 over the break. They adventured to Disney World. 

Photo by Savannah Stewart.

Leah Holley worked at Chapmans in Seymour. 

Photo courtesy of Leah Holley.

Senior Ashleigh Evetts moved and got a permanent residence for the first time in three years!

Photo by Savannah Stewart.

 Native Floridian, Mikela Allen worked at a swimwear boutique in her hometown of Port Saint Joe. 

Photo courtesy of Mikela Allen.

Junior Zoey VanHook and friends took a 26 hour road trip. 

Photo by Savannah Stewart.

Road trip attendee Matthew Hulihan stated that they visited ancient ruins, natural spring, and climbed a dormant volcano. 

Photo by Savannah Stewart.

Photo courtesy of Zoey VanHook.

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