Impressions poetry submission: “Sharp : Glow” by Karla Garcia-Martinez

Karla is a junior pursuing a major in Sociology and a minor in Writing Communication minor. Creating poetry and fiction serves as a form of artistic expression she turns to in times of stress and burnout.

Sharp : Glow

Karla Garcia-Martinez 

I feel a burning static 

Dancing beneath my cold skin 

While crimson stains the fabric 

Of the bed you struck me in 

You don’t do much to hide 

Your laugh which grows severe 

You’re relieved now that I’ve died 

Planned to make me disappear

What will I say to my friends? 

What can I do to fix this? 

You laugh and say “all life ends” 

Then toss me into darkness

But tonight votes in favor

Of the gone, not well parted

So take it in and savor –

The party just now started

Your sharp knife will not stop me 

Don’t make that same mistake 

No fire will be worthy 

For the dead are now awake

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