Insecurity and its poisonous effects

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It is the natural tendency of humanity to be innately flawed, and the exposure of these shortcomings excites a sense of inferiority within us.

Be it from an external source such as the people with whom we affiliate ourselves or through the internal realization of our inadequacies from some negative experience, we are subject to the most brutal form of criticism, which resides within our being.

Insecurity, especially during the volatile stages of youth, acts like the cyanide of the human condition.

In its deepest essence lies the ability to destroy any positive perception we hold of ourselves, seeking the utter demoralization of our psyches.

As a collection, humanity in itself is resilient, creative and beautiful.

Whether we are an expression of a superior creative intelligence or the result of eons of sporadic phenomena, every individual is entitled to the right to happiness and self-actualization.

Yet the malign intent of individuals that seek solely self-preservation hinders the progression of those who wish to travel through life unscathed by the acidic effect of insecurity.

Men and women alike fixated on their own incompetence search only to deconstruct the success or happiness of others and reinforce their own existences.

However, to commit the atrocity of affirming one’s existence at the expense of another human being is to reject the essence of humanity all together.

Only through the tolerance and acceptance of the uniqueness of others can the human race achieve an elevated level in the pursuit of a civilized utopia.

Bullying, hazing, rejection … these abominations create the primary trifecta that fabricates a lack of self-importance in those on the receiving end.

Usually, the overall result is that the ego of the afflicted becomes diminished; however, the consequences can consist of something much more severe.

The media often times depicts the suicide of a youth as a result of such heinous crimes.

To engage in the act of damaging the ego of another to the extent that he or she feels so insignificant as to lose regard for his or her own life is a crime in itself, worthy of receiving contempt by every decent human being dwelling on this Earth.

Great is the acceptance of the diversity of the individuals who are prevalent in our lives, and divine is the nature of tolerance and love for all aspects of life.

Insecurity is not something to be taken lightly, and human emotion is not a curio to be toyed with at another’s discretion.

It is the respect for others which helps build the foundation for social tolerance and the emotional wellbeing of humanity.

To those who are subject to a belittled sense of security, take comfort in the knowledge that you are a product whose beautiful complexity far exceeds any manmade creation, and in your own uniqueness you are more wonderful than anyone could ever imagine.

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