Intramurals are just sports… Aren’t they?

    Typically when students hear the word intramurals, they either jump up for joy involuntarily or cringe. There are many students that are disgusted and completely turned off at the thought of intramural events on campus.

    Students typically associate intramurals with athletes competing in recreational sports. Nearly half of the students that attend Maryville College play a collegiate sport or have played a collegiate sport in the past.  Nearly half of the students are also signed up on the intramural website,

    Intramurals are also associated with only mainstream competitive sports.  When groups of students on campus were asked what intramural events were offered on campus, they often gave answers such as football, volleyball, softball, and basketball.  However, it could not be further from the truth this academic year.  Intramurals are taking a much different approach this year by collaborating with non-traditional groups.

    So what does the Maryville College Intramural Program plan to offer?   Anything that can be considered a recreational activity among its own students on campus.  Intramurals will now offer disc golf, a poker tournament, a trivia night, corn-hole tournaments, spike ball tournaments, bubble soccer and much more.  The program also plans to coordinate with the MC Gamers organization on campus to plan some video game events.

The Intramural program is very excited to host some new events and students in addition to its collegiate athletes.  However, the minds behind the intramural program only have so many new intriguing and unconventional ideas for intramural events.

This is where students that are not involved in intramurals come in.  MC is appointing its students that are not involved in intramurals to speak up!  All students with ideas for intramural events this year are encouraged to email your intramural coordinator, Josh Anderson.

If you are interested in submitting an idea to the intramural program, email Josh Anderson at [email protected].

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