JCPenney and the MC Career Center suit up students

Maryville College students save big and Suit Up with a little help from the staff at the Career Center.

“We are really excited about how our first Suit Up event went!” said Sarah Yeaple, Assistant Director of the Career Center.

The event starting at 3 p.m.. on Sunday Sept. 30, with a shuttle bus taking students from Maryville College to JCPenney for those who do not have transportation.

“I had a ball driving the ‘Magic Shuttle Bus’ as Ms. Frizzle to provide students with transportation to and from campus and I had a lot of fun talking to students about how to ‘Dress the Part’,” Said Yeaple. All students were encouraged to attend and take advantage of these awesome deals!

When they arrived, all MC students and faculty would sign in at the registration table. All that was needed was their MC ID. After registering, snacks were available for convenience of the students. Anyone who then wanted a suit had the opportunity to get measured, and to choose the suit that was perfect for them.

The Career Center Marketing Team went live on Facebook and Instagram to get more students involved and show the world the great deals that were offered. With so many students show up to participate, faculty and volunteers were able to notify students if what they were trying on looked professional.

According to Outreach Specialist, Elicia Ferrer, 108 students and 13 faculty members participated in the the JCPenney Suit Up event hosted by the Maryville College Career Center. This was an opportunity for students and faculty to get business professional clothing at a discounted rate.

A 40 percent discount was given to all students who came. JCPenney had already had discounts on most business attire, and so everyone who participated could use the MC discount on top of that. Yeaple said, “The discounts were significant and the students had a great time trying on outfits, getting measured for suits and discussing attire tips with our faculty and staff volunteers.”

Peer Career Coach and Maryville College student Hassan Thomas said, “I was surprised how many people showed up; I spent over $200 and I saved about $400 which is awesome.” Most students saved double of what they spent. Students would not have had this opportunity without the help of all the Career Center staff and faculty who helped make this event possible. Ferrer also said, “I was really impressed by the effort JCPenney Staff put into welcoming our students. Students were very impacted by this event and we hope to keep the partnership going.”

Having professional clothing is vital to a student’s future. With the career fair coming up next month, students are already preparing to further their career by wearing professional dress.

“It was a great experience for students to get prepared for the business opportunities through Maryville College Works,” Said Aaron Solomon, a student who attended the event.

All students are required to complete Maryville College Works, and this opportunity was just a start in getting their career plans kicked of.

From everyone here in the Career Center, Yeaple said, “ A big thank you, to all who attended. JCPenney’s staff wore MC gear, which helped add to the fun atmosphere and Scots energy. Because of our positive student response, we are excited to be able to offer future events like this in collaboration with our community partners in the future. We are currently in the process of planning a Suit Up event for this coming Spring. We can’t wait for the next one!”

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