Kim Trevathan: adventurer, traveler, teacher

Kim Trevathan, when not teaching at Maryville College, enjoys his time canoeing. Photo courtesy of Kim Trevathan

When he’s not teaching MC students to expand their creative writing abilities or taking a group of students into nature to help them explore new and exciting landscapes, Kim Trevathan is off on his own extraordinary adventures.

Trevathan was born and raised in Murray, Ky. He now lives in Maryville, with his adorable but courageous and loyal companion, Norman, his pet German-Shepherd.

Trevathan’s mother was a public librarian, so he grew up around books and ended up falling in love with reading and writing. When asked why he decided to become a teacher, Trevathan said, “I have always enjoyed different kinds of writing, and it just made sense to be able to pass on that enthusiasm to students and to help them see what’s fun about writing.”

Along with teaching, he loves traveling and writing about his own experiences. Two of Trevathan’s largest voyages have inspired his now-published works.

He started an expedition down the Tennessee River in 1998. By 2001 the book “Paddling the Tennessee River: A Voyage on Easy Water” was complete and published. His second work, “Coldhearted River: A Canoe Odyssey Down the Cumberland,” was published by the University of Tennessee Press in May 2006.

These two books were great accomplishments for Trevathan.

“Twenty years ago, I never had a clue I would have books published,” Trevathan said.

The process was not an easy one, taking many years to complete. When the time came, though, it came quickly.

“It just happened, both of the books were a lot of work but that is definitely one of the things I am most proud of,” he explained.

Along with publishing two books, Trevathan has also written many reviews and articles that have appeared in newspapers across the region.

Even while he is writing and teaching, he still finds occasions to enjoy favorite pastimes. One of his favorites is tennis. He plays for the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

“I really like the competition,” Trevathan said. He also enjoys kayaking and canoeing with Norman.

Trevathan teaches creative writing, journalism and literature here at MC and has enjoyed every minute of it.

“One of the best parts [of being a teacher] is seeing people learn things” he said. “It’s fun to see students improve their writing and speaking abilities, not just through a semester class, but through a course of four years.”

Trevathan’s interest in his students’ success is not unique among the faculty at MC. However, there are many things that distinguish Trevathan among his peers. His love for adventure and his talent for capturing his journeys on paper make Kim Trevathan a true original.

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