Let’s bring MC Intramurals back to life

Intramurals were first introduced to campus life in 1913. Colleges such as Ohio State and The University of Michigan were excited to bring an atmosphere of friendly competition to their campus. The introduction of “structured play” changed the idea of college recreation nationwide.

Why are intramurals such an integral part of life on campus? Whether you grew up playing volleyball or have never passed a ball in your life, there is a place for you on the intramural court. While intramurals bring a level of competition you wouldn’t find in a casual gathering, there is still room for the novice player to join in the camaraderie.

“Students have the opportunity to make new friends, make stronger bonds with current friends, and socialize with peers and students that they may not normally come in contact with,” said alumnus and current MC Wellness Director Josh Anderson.

“Intramurals is also a great opportunity for students to be active. Students can make this whatever they want. If they want to approach it with a laid-back attitude, they can do that. If students have a competitive itch that they want to scratch, that is also celebrated in the program,” Anderson said.

MC Intramurals offer many different sports including volleyball, flag football, pickleball and many more. The program also distributes regular surveys asking for student input. Students can build teams, compete weekly and participate in tournaments.

All about that Ace won the volleyball championship.

Picture courtesy of Amanda Matthews.

The intramural program rewards their traditional Intramurals Championship Cup t-shirt to members of winning teams. Students can even earn points towards the yearly Campus Cup Trophy, which rewards sportsmanship participation and achievement.

Despite the exceptional effort Josh Anderson puts into the program, Maryville College Intramurals has recently seen a decline in participation. Some intramural events have even failed to kick off due to a lack of involvement.

It is a shame to see a program that has not only motivated students to be active but has also built countless friendships fall to the wayside of the campus experience. Students are often overwhelmed with classes, extracurriculars and off-campus jobs, but there is value to be found both physically and emotionally within intramural sports.

“Education is the cornerstone of attending college, but it is important for students to have a good experience,” Anderson said. “Making time for intramurals can have a positive impact on a student’s experience at Maryville College. The old saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’ really is true.”

“Studies show that physical activity can benefit a student’s mental performance and stability,” Anderson said. “Intramurals can help with living a healthy lifestyle and can help decrease the occurrence of depression, which has become very prevalent among college students in recent years.”

You can get more involved in MC Intramurals by creating an IMLeagues account and registering for leagues and events in a timely manner at IMLeagues.com, found under the recreation tab on maryvillecollege.edu. You can follow @Maryvilleintramurals on Instagram too. Once students have an IMLeagues account, they can register and see upcoming events and leagues. IMLeagues.com is truly the best way to get involved in intramurals as they advertise most heavily using this method.

Don’t be afraid to get involved. Make time in your busy schedule. Have fun with old friends and new. Together, we can breathe life back into MC Intramurals.

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