Local Businesses Offer Student Discounts

Juggling school and extracurricular activities can be tough. On top of this, many students have jobs. Everyone knows juggling all three is not an easy feat. Saving money can feel like another daunting task. Student discounts help students save money while still having fun.  Maryville has dozens of companies, stores and organizations that offer student discounts.

     Thrift stores are a great way for college aged people to find things needed for inside their dorms or wardrobe at a very low price. On Tuesdays, some thrift stores, such as Goodwill and Amvets, offer a 10% discount to students. Goodwill is just about six minutes away from the Maryville College campus, and Amvets is about 10 minutes away. 

With our generation being so technologically advanced, it is important to mention that Apple also offers a 10% education discount for students, if they provide an eligible student email online, or show their ID in person. 

Several students enjoy going to Vienna, a local coffee shop, which is just under a ten minute walk from campus, to study and do homework. This incredible coffee shop also happily provides a 10% discount for students. Vienna is very aware of the amount of students that rely on them for a great study place. A couple of years ago, they hosted a College Coffee Night where students who brought their own mugs and two bucks could have endless refills until midnight.

It may not be as easy to make time for entertainment as it is for other necessities. However, when the opportunity arises, it is essential to note places which may also offer a discount. The AMC Classic Foothills theater located in the Foothills Mall offers student discounts of up to 25% off the regular adult ticket price. The AMC theater also released a new deal for their stub members, including a movie for just $5 every Tuesday. 

Who doesn’t love a good late-night Waffle House meal? Waffle House is typically open 24/7. If you are in need of a study place, or simply want to get off campus and create a nice memory, Waffle House offers a 10% student discount. Chick-fil-a, another popular choice for lunch, offers students a free drink if you present your student ID. Other restaurants that happily provide students with 10% off discounts are Burger King, Dairy Queen, Subway and Pizza Hut. 

Discounts may not seem like a big deal to some, but every penny counts for college students. Students at Maryville College will, unfortunately, not be students forever, so it is important to take advantage of these benefits while they still have the chance. The next time you are out browsing for a winter coat, at a movie date, or just looking for a place to eat, keep these places in mind, and take advantage of the offers that may benefit you. 

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