Maryville College alum joins counseling center staff with unique qualifications

Luda Wilner, class of 2019, joined the Maryville College Counseling Center as the First Steps

Coordinator in February.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Maryville College in

2019, Wilner went on to attend the University of Tennessee’s Master of Social Work program.

After graduating from the program at UT, Wilner worked as a psychotherapist at a mental health

treatment facility before returning to Maryville College in Feb. 2023.

Wilner wanted to come back to Maryville College so that she could “help students find their

home at Maryville,” like Wilner did when she was a student.

As the First Steps Coordinator, Wilner is available to help students with any mental health

needs. She wants students to understand that the Counseling Center is open to all students.

Wilner is also trauma certified. Wilner explained that by having a certificate in trauma certified

care, she is able to “view situations through a trauma lens by not only seeing the person but

the system that they are a part of.”

“I want students to know that they can come to me. I’m here to help.”

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