Maryville College in the running for Best Adventure College, seeking votes online

Maryville College has been selected to take part in Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine’s annual contest to decide which school is the best Adventure College in the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic region. Maryville College was selected for its outdoor clubs, environmental courses, green initiatives, and numerous opportunities for adventure on campus.

The contest is held between small and large schools including colleges and universities, in a 32-school bracket. Division 1 schools and participate on their own side of the bracket, with smaller colleges like our own participating on another side of the bracket. At the end of the contest, the two winning schools from their respective sides of the bracket square off in a “David-meets-Goliath championship to determine the region’s best outdoor school.”

The contest is held via online voting, so awareness is key if Maryville College is to win the championship. In previous contests, the schools that were the most socially active and had the highest rates of voting naturally advanced to the next round. Voting for the first round of the contest is already underway and ends on March 20th. Students, faculty, alumni, and other supporters including parents, are all eligible to vote.

Be sure to vote at in order to secure Maryville College’s victory in this round, and continue voting until April 17th for Maryville College to win the contest and the prestige that comes with it.

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