Maryville College: out in Tennessee

A little about this column:

The idea of this column is to share information about outdoor activities near Maryville College. This is for people new to East Tennessee and folks lucky enough to have been born here. Every issue is about the great outdoors near Maryville College. You might find reviews on trails or campgrounds, hunting or fishing hints, camping hacks, environmental alerts or who knows what else.

East Tennessee is heaven for people who love the outdoors. We can drive to hundreds of wonderful and affordable outdoor destinations within an hour or so of campus.

MC Out in Tennessee is for all nature lovers, those who want to save every single bunny and those who don’t mind shooting a couple bunnies for dinner.

This column is for everyone, but in particular for people who want to enjoy the great outdoors on a student budget. For this first issue: a simple and flexible menu that works well for venison cabbage stew.

For many hunters, myself included, white-tailed deer season is the ultimate hunting experience. It’s more than an outdoor experience. For many, it’s a cultural, family, even a spiritual experience. When the season ends, it often ends with a harvest feast with tall tales and not-so-secret wild game recipes.

Here’s a basic venison recipe. Like any recipe, fresh is better, but canned vegetable will work. Cooking is an art not just a science.


Current wildlife alerts: 

What you are allowed to bring back from an out-of-state, late season deer hunt, has changed because of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The Tennessee Wildlife Recourses Agency (TWRA) has the details on their website: 

The TWRA is now accepting entries for its 2019-2020 photo contest for publication in Tennessee Wildlife’s annual Calendar issue. The magazine’s website has all the details: annual-photo-contest-underway-for-tennessee-wildlife-magazine-calendar.html 

Go for it, shutterbugs! Send your best photo from this year and shoot next year with this contest in mind.

This Column, Maryville College Out in Tenn. (MCOiTN), is looking for photos for our next story. The story will be “squirrels on campus,” and I’d prefer to use an on-campus photo, especially close up or action. Please send images, in JPEG format to [email protected]. Again, I say, go for it. Stalk a squirrel. Enjoy being Out in Tennessee.

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