MC defeated in Scots face-off

The Maryville College men’s basketball team has begun the second half of their season with an overall score of 12-5. However, the team resumed after the winter break with adversity losing to both North Carolina Wesleyan and William Peace University.

“We must continue to work at consistency of team focus and intensity on the road,” said Head Coach Randy Lambert in his January newsletter.

The young team continues to work in the season as seven of their ten rotating players are sophomores. The young team has averaged 88.4 points, 40.2 rebounds and 17.5 assists a game thus far into the season. Players, like sophomore Jaylen Bowyer, are often repeat leading scorers in the Scots games.

The team gained their third conference victory over North Carolina Wesleyan with a final score of 86-80. The Scots took an early lead grasping a 13-point advantage at the end of the first half. They began the second half 39-37. However, the Bishops fought back in the final period led by Brandon Brown and John Edwards by 24 combined points. The duo still was not able to overcome the Scots’ leading scorers Bowyer with 7 points, Joshua Brooks with 16 points and Tyler Spicer with 15 points.

The Scots continued on to challenge William Peace on the Road taking their second conference loss of the season. MC took the first half with a leading score of 39-26. The Pacers battled back in the second half leading with a score of 46-33 and tying the overall game to 72-72. Both teams faced off in overtime and the Pacers took over with 12 points over the Scots’ 6. William Peace defeated the Scots 84-78 in the final.

The Scots returned home to challenge Covenant. The face-off was originally set for Jan. 20, but was postponed to the following game due to winter weather conditions. Both teams took to the court the following night.

The first half of the game was led by MC’s score of 45-39. Maryville’s men then began to struggle against Covenant in the second half as their free-throw percentage to a decline and both team’s battled back to back for the lead.

MC began to battle back harder with efforts from Logan Brewer, Spencer Shoffner and Bowyer. Covenant continued to push back and remained in the lead with 52 points over MC’s 42 in the second half. Covenant took the game with a final score of 91-87.

Leading scorers for MC included Bowyer with 22 points, 7 assists and 14-to-14 free throws. Shoffner also added 19 points to the score. The leading players tried to remain focused in the hard battle against Covenant.

“My biggest motivation in last night game was to protect our home court and to play for my team mates. It’s always tough when you let one of those down,” said Bowyer.

The Scots had a week off from games following their loss to Covenant. The team has continued to practice hard throughout the whole season and Coach Lambert remains optimistic for his young team.

“They should improve with each practice and game,” said Lambert in his January newsletter. “They’re youthful enthusiasm and spirited play has been invigorating for me.”

Stay tuned as the Scots tipoff at 7:30 against Methodist on Jan.

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