MC Votes and STEM want to see students at the polls

MC Votes is a nonpartisan, student-led organization geared towards promoting civic engagement, educating students on voting, and registering students to vote at Maryville College led by Mr. Ryan Indelicato. MC Votes’ main goal is not to tell students who to vote for but to make sure they are making an informed decision when they do.

Dr. Joy Buongiorno, assistant professor of environmental biology, reached out to Indelicato in an effort to get her students involved in the voting process and, most importantly, registered to vote. With this past Monday being the deadline for voter registration, this collaboration was the last MC Votes registration event before the deadline.

Indelicato made a point to emphasize the importance of voting, especially in the current political climate. 

“A lot of people are a little dejected and don’t think their vote counts, especially if [they] live in a state that typically votes a different way than [they] do,” Indelicato said. 

Indelicato made sure to emphasize that while it can be hard to feel like votes count on a federal level, “when you think down closer to city by city, and local elections, it really, really does count.” 

Regarding the current political climate, Indelicato mentioned how many people are not keen on the candidates running for president of the United States. In addressing this concern and dilemma many people have, Indelicato makes an interesting point. He used one hand to illustrate the point in which people want to end up and the progress or stability they want to see in our country, and he used another hand to illustrate where either candidate, according to your vote, would get us. 

He makes sure to mention that although no candidate is perfect, according to what type of progress you want to see, but they will get us just a bit closer to the end goal.

Another particular point mentioned by Indelicato, and also another reason why he encouraged students to vote, is that those in the current age range of 18 to 25 are part of the “largest eligible voting block in history,” surpassing baby boomers. The votes of this current generation have the power to carry more weight than the vote of those within the “boomer” population, basically establishing the ability for youth voters to change the course of the election.

MC Votes is an organization on campus that is dedicated to having a lasting impact on Maryville College. Indelicato and MC Votes are dedicated mostly to more education and outreach on campus, no matter what time of year it is, and have plans to host events for engagement and education amongst students here at Maryville College.

 “We most definitely want to encourage a culture of voting and making your voice count, with our organization here on campus,” Indelicato said.

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