MC’s Nonprofit Leadership Alliance will host Nonprofit Fair on March 9

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance will be hosting its second nonprofit fair this year on March 9 in the Alumni Gym from 12-4 p.m. The fair will open its doors to the public from  2-4 p.m. The goal for the fair is to get people connected with nonprofits from Blount County and Knoxville.

About 50 various nonprofits are scheduled to attend the fair such as The Boys and Girls Club, Emerald Youth Foundation, YOKE and many others.

“The students in the MC Nonprofit Leadership Alliance program host the fair for three reasons: to connect MC students and community members with opportunities to serve, intern, and work at area nonprofit organizations by organizing, promoting and hosting the event,” said Amy Gilliand.

“MC NLA students gain competencies required for becoming Certified Nonprofit Professionals. The event is a fundraiser to help with the costs associated with MC NLA students attending a required national conference.”

Some organizations include Keep Blount Beautiful, Boys and Girls Club, Emerald Youth Foundation, United Way of Blount County, Mane Support, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

“Students will able to learn about their local community in Blount and Knox County. They will also be able to seek out internship, service and employment opportunities,” said Emma Everett, member of NLA.

“The fair is also great way to network with local organizations who host many annual events that student might like to take part in.”

The fair not only benefits the students in NLA, but also the students that are interested in nonprofit work.

“Before the fair, I did not know how many amazing organizations were in the Blount and Knox County area,” said Candace Whitman, secretary for NLA.

According to Whitman, the fair has been a great way for her to learn about all of the great work that is being done in the community. Through the Fair she has gained experience planning a community event.

“I want to work for a nonprofit organization so planning the Nonprofit Fair is a valuable experience for me because nonprofits gain a lot of their funds through fundraising events.” Whitman said.

The Maryville College Nonprofit Fair will work to get students connected to local organizations. The Nonprofit Student Alliance plans to expand every year and will open the doors to a life of service as a community member and as a student.

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