Meal plans available for hungry commuters

Hungry Maryville College commuters looking to dine on campus without overspending now have the option to purchase a commuter meal plan.

Unlike resident plans, which offer a limited number of meals per week, commuter plans are sold as blocks, in which one block may be used at any time for one meal during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Blocks are sold in three different plans: 75 meals for $430 ($5.73 per meal), 50 meals for $300 ($6 per meal) and 25 meals for $160 ($6.40 per meal). The MC Campus Dish website refers to the block plan as “the most economical way for a commuter to purchase meals on campus.”

“It has saved me so much money,” said Samuel Boring, a commuting junior at MC. Boring also explained that he has more options to eat on campus now. “I’m no longer an inconvenience to my friends because I can now afford to eat where they want.”

Aramark provides dining services at MC, as well as 73 other colleges and universities, all of which have had the commuter meal plans in the past.  According to Paul Kampweth, head chef at Pearsons Dining Hall, it was simply a matter of migrating that already existing system to MC.

“Everyone really likes it, and it has been a success,” said Kampwerth.  “We’re trying to give the best service and the best food as another reason to want to be at Maryville College.”

Kampwerth said he strongly encourages students to take advantage of the “edible suggestions” cards at both Isaac’s and Pearsons.

“We take those seriously, as long as you don’t cuss at us.”

Commuting students looking to purchase meal plans may visit the Campus Dish website at

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