Memoirs of a Bonner scholar

As I look back on the past four years of my life, Maryville College has had a dominant role in shaping me into the person I am today. One of my first memories as a college student includes orientation. My orientation class consisted of other Bonner Scholars, most of whom I have developed close relationships with; we also went on a group trip before classes began. I really
enjoyed all the events that created a more close-knit class and helped us bond with each other.

Even now my closest friends consist mainly of other Bonners. The program allowed me to attend MC, and has truly become my rock over the past four years. The familiarity with my class of Bonners provided me with a support group that I could rely on during this time of transition that was often difficult. Their help was a very rewarding experience for me and I have been fortunate to gain all the work and friends made through the program.

My perspective of college is different from the majority of other students because I get to
look back and see not only my educational experiences, but also all the accomplishments of the Bonner program, and gladly say that I was a part of it. My free time was not wasted; I worked as a community volunteer every month that I was enrolled in classes. Now, I can definitely see the differences I made in the community while fulfilling my dream of furthering my education.

The first year of college was difficult for me, and I struggled to find my calling. I wanted to be an engineer, but the classes didn’t quite fit with my interests. I have always been math-minded, so I knew I wanted to use those talents but I wasn’t quite sure how. I decided to take some business classes and I really enjoyed them.

Then, it was announced that there would be several more categories of business majors, one including finance/accounting. This was my fit. I began taking classes that kept my interest and developed more of a desire to learn and enhance my education.

Once I found my niche, time began to fly by. Next thing I knew it was time to begin thesis. Thesis was scary at first, but my advisor helped me transition well into the writing process. Now, I see thesis as one of the most rewarding aspects of my education at Maryville College. It is a sum of my talents that I can carry with me throughout life.

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