“Nobody’s fool”: Was I a fool to go see it?

To be a fool or not to be a fool? The new movie “Nobody’s Fool” was released in theatres Nov. 2, 2018. Being the 21st century many movies are coming out as rated R where they are pushing the limit for young viewers. Tyler Perry, writer and director, took this R rated production to the next level. From the raunchy graphic scenes to the vulgar language used it was pushed to the extensive limit.

“Nobody’s Fool” was a portrayal of Tanya, played by Tiffany Haddish, who gets out of prison and how her sister Danica, played by Tika Sumpter, takes her into her care. While taking her into her care Tanya starts putting her nose where it shouldn’t be in her sister life. Danica had been talking to,and fell in love with a gentleman she met online who she has never met or seen before. This was the ultimate sign that Danica was being catfished by a man named Charlie, so Tanya starts doing her own investigating.

While so many random things happening in this film, Tanya is trying to show Danica who really loves her which is a coffee shop owner. Danica obviously fails to realize anything that she is supposed to about Charlie. So, Tanya takes things into her own hands and emails Nev and Max from the MTV show “Catfish”. They get her email and come to where Dancia lives without her knowledge. While waiting hours on end for the facetime call Charlie was supposed to give Danica that night—they give up.

They were quickly rushed away with all of their equipment as Tanya was being a pain. Then the sisters take matters into their own hands and go on a mission to find Charlie. I won’t spoiling whether he is real or not, but she does start to fall for the coffee house owner. After this the sisters talked to their mother, played by Whoopi Goldberg. The ending of the movie was very quick and vague to what might happen next.

Tanya in the movie was only a “hype man.” Her appearance in the movie alone drew in many customers, like myself because of her sparky and witty personality. This movie was a disgrace to her acting skills as she isn’t even in most of the movie just someone who stands around to engage the audience with a burst of laughter.

Also, in previews everyone knows that Nev and Max from the hit MTV show “Catfish” are in this movie. I was hoping they would have been in there more, but they quickly went away after Haddish character was offering to sleep with both of them. It is like Perry took six completely different movie ideas with absolutely no cohesive story line and put them together.

The tag-line all over the ads such as movie posters was “she shows up, everything blows up.” This was talking about how when Haddish’s character gets out of prison and how she “blows up” her sisters life. The truth is her life was already a mess when the movie begins.

Tanya honestly, besides all of the wanting to sleep around with every man in sight, made her sisters life better. Tanya was the person that made Danica realize the man she was talking to was still supposedly a catfish and helped her get with the man she really loved. This complete mess of a film was ended with the message of love shared between sisters and how no matter what happened they would always be there for each other.

All in all, the film was not what I was expecting. I wish there was a more serious plot towards how all the characters connected together and not just using a new up-and-coming actress’ name to get people to want to see the movie. Also, I wish there was more of what the previews suggested, which was more the plot around how Danica was being catfished and the sisters figure that out together. Rather than jumping all over the place and not making any sense.

There could of been more of a theme with the MTV hosts to help guide them to see if Danica is being catfished or not. The movie leaves on a weird note that makes no sense towards the movie itself and is very confusing.

My expectations for this movie were very high due to the fact that Tiffany Haddish, was the supposedly the lead character, and Tyler Perry productions are always a pit of laughter. Haddish, an actress who has been acting since about 2009, made her starling debut in the hilarious movie “Girls Trip” in 2017.

Although she has been acting for almost 10 years, this was the movie that made her a star. She is now the lead in many movies coming out in 2018 and 2019. Perry tried to take the hilarious movie “Girls Trip” and every Madea movie ever made and combined them to make “Nobody’s Fool.” The only fool here is me for spending money to see this annoyingly disappointing film.

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