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Louden Young argues that Republicans need to get back to what they used to be: the opposite of Democrats. Photo courtesy of indyposted.com

There is an elephant in the room of the current election. It is in the back of everyone’s minds, but no one seems to want to say it aloud.

Could it be that the Republican contests, spanning from state to state, really do not matter at all?  Could it be that the GOP—a strong, confident, at times arrogant political party—does not have a candidate to oppose the current president, Barrack Obama?

There will be those conservatives who say that there are many strong candidates to oppose the president, each with his own strengths.

Names like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorium, and Ron Paul will be offered, and yet, the elephant remains.

Most people will argue that I am just biased, another media member pumping the world with leftist, liberal propaganda.  Though I cannot tell you the specific platforms of each candidate, I can tell you what is ailing the GOP.

There is not a candidate that is as Republican as Obama is a Democrat.

Unfortunately for Romney, he suffers from the belief that companies are living, breathing people.  He also empathizes with banks, the same banks that were supported by bailout legislation most conservatives opposed.

Gingrich has a doughboy charm, often calling out Romney on the latter’s corporate past.  Spoiler alert: while Romney was firing people with a boyish grin on his face, Gingrich was cashing in on bailout money as a consultant for Fannie Mae.

Santorium does not usually merit discussion in a college newspaper, seeing that he has been outspoken about people not donating money to any school that looks to indoctrinate students with liberal ideas.

Ron Paul is almost too liberal to be considered a Republican, often running as an independent in previous presidential races.

The Republicans now must choose which watered-down candidate, which skim-milk candidate to try to pass off as whole milk.

I do not envy their choice.

By the looks of the election season, all the candidates may just destroy each other.

The GOP must get back to being what the party they once were: the ideological opposites of the Democratic Party.

These diet Republicans cannot win.

There is an elephant in the room, and unfortunately for the GOP, it’s the only real one.

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