Prague: the city is your classroom

Forget dry textbooks and lectures. In Prague, your classroom is the city. 

Studying abroad is a great opportunity. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, increase your adaptability and gain a global mindset. When I studied abroad in Prague, I loved getting to build connections with people from all around the world. The experience increased my independence and resilience, as I was constantly navigating an unfamiliar environment, and I got to know myself better through it. 

Prague has many things to admire. For instance, Prague Castle has some of the most amazing architecture. It’s got bits from every art history era – Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque – you name it. The views from up there are Instagram-worthy, that is if you can make it up all the stairs. 

The John Lennon wall brings tourists and locals alike to inspiration. 

The Old Town Square is like stepping into the past. Picture this: multicolored buildings and iconic cobblestone streets (make sure to pack some good walking shoes). Every building there is showing off its Gothic or Baroque style. The Charles Bridge is one of the most well-known attractions in Prague, and there’s a reason for it. Sunset from the bridge and the view of the water was incredible. 

What’s cool about studying in Prague is that it’s not stuck in the past. The city is this mix of old and new. Take a walk around, and you’ll see it – ancient buildings hanging out with modern ones. It’s alive and evolving, and so are its buildings. People actually live, work and learn in these architectural wonders. I took my classes in a building from the 17th century, but I lived in an apartment with all the modern appliances you could want. 

The Czech dish, smažený sýr, tastes even better than it looks. 

Let’s not forget about the food. The beer culture is deeply ingrained in Czech society, with countless pubs and beer gardens all around the city, and there were plenty of other fun drinks to try. Prague has a high Asian immigrant population, and I got to try Vietnamese egg coffee. 

My favorite traditional Czech food was smažený sýr, which is basically a giant mozzarella stick but made with a cheese like Camembert or Edam. What shocked me most is that it is typically served with tartar sauce. I took a cooking class and even got to try my hand at making some Czech food myself. 

The sweets I got to have are also worth mentioning. Medovník is a thinly layered honey cake. It has a creamy filling and a crumble topping and is definitely worth a try. Makovy Závin is another very popular treat in the Czech Republic. It’s not very sweet but does have a unique filling. It’s a pastry with poppy seeds rolled into it. 

The Charles Bridge glimmers under the Czech night sky. 

Studying abroad in Prague isn’t just an academic journey; it’s an adventure into a new city and new experiences. You’re not just learning from books; you’re learning from the streets, the buildings and some incredibly rich culture. If you’re into cool buildings, good vibes and a bit of architectural magic, Prague is waiting for you with open arms and some awe-inspiring structures.

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