Pushing through the end of the semester

The semester is coming to an end, which means it’s time to cram several months’ worth of homework into one week. 

I always tell myself I’m going to start working on my final projects before finals week, but I keep postponing it because I think, “I have plenty of time,” and “It’s important to get ahead on current assignments instead.” 

Daily homework is important, but in my opinion, balancing ongoing assignments (without getting ahead) with working on final projects is the most effective way to not feel like you are drowning in essays and big projects.

However, this can be difficult when we are taking three to five other classes, each with their own assignments to keep up with. 

I think students either become superheroes or zombies the days between Thanksgiving break and winter break. You either thrive off of long study days at the library or buckle under the pressure to perform. Speaking from personal experience, both can be exhausting. However, four years of perseverance can earn you a diploma that’ll take you anywhere. 

To get through the end of the semester, I start by writing out my agenda for the week. I break down what I plan to get done each day, checking things off as I go. This helps me feel accomplished and in control.

To maximize my focus, I turn my phone off while working on homework or studying. I set hourly benchmarks, building in breaks. Once I’ve reached a goal, I give myself a reward.

A change of scenery can also boost my productivity. Some of my favorite spots around Maryville are Vienna Coffee House, Capitol Theatre Coffee and Ice Cream Parlor, and the Blount County Public Library. When I don’t want to venture out, I stick with the campus library.

Finally, I make sure to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy a hearty breakfast before taking my exams.

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