Scots get historic homecoming win over Ferrum


    On Saturday, Oct. 17, with a packed stadium of students and alumni, the Scots closed in on a record high score, defeating the Ferrum College Panthers 70-37 in a historic homecoming win.

    The overall score was not the only record of the day. Senior quarterback Evan Pittenger crossed his 6,000 career yards and became the fifth leading all time rusher in MC history. During the homecoming game, Pittenger rushed for 151 yards and passed for 166.

    Freshman Mario Williams also had a career high, receiving seven catches on 102 yards. Sophomore running back Deshjion Whitlock also had three touchdowns for the Scots on 94 rushing yards.

    The opening of the game was marked by an early Ferrum lead after the Panthers rushed for 20 yards to lead 7-0. The Scots quickly tied up the game with a 66 yard rush by Pittenger, bringing the score to 7-7. Ferrum then punted the ball and the Scots rushed to score a touchdown bringing the score to 21-7 with MC in the lead.

    As the game went on, the Panthers crept behind the scots and threw a touchdown pass closing in the score to 28-27. There was a lot of suspense both on and off the field. With 19 seconds left in the first half, Pittenger passed to sophomore Stevorius Kimball for 46 yards to take the lead at 35-27 going into the second half.

    The Scots remained the leaders for the entire second half of the game. Pittenger passed to Kimball bringing MC to a 42-27 lead. By the end of the third quarter, the Scots led 56-37.

    In the final push of the game, junior Nick Meyers rushed for a touchdown to end the game 70-37. The team quickly celebrated with each other, students, family and alumni.

     “It was a combination of all the alumni and fans coming back to give back and support along with the entire campus and faculty,” said Pittenger. “The football team played well behind our great coaching staff who put us in the positions to succeed.

    The Scots (5-1) will next take on Averett University (1-4) on Saturday, Oct. 24 at 1:00 p.m. at the Cougar’s home field in Danville, Va.


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