Scots shatter the tee and school records

The Scots women’s golf team has been prolifically successful in the first weeks of the season. In the opening tournament of the 2019 season, they broke seven team records. 

The first record that was broken in the Rhodes Fall Invitational was the single-round score that was bested by one. Sophomore Hannah Doherty and junior Katelyn Witucki helped lead the squad to beat the record at a staggering low of 344. 

The Scots used this early momentum to keep breaking records. The next broken turned out to be the 36-hole mark. Once again led by Doherty and Witucki, the Scots squad posted a 36-hole score of 694. This bested Maryville College’s previous record of 706. It’s also the first time the Scots had gone under 700 in the second round. 

“It’s very impressive,” Coach Anthony Monaco told Maryville College’s athletic communications department. “The girls started the year strong, which is really good. They’ve put in a lot of work before this.”

“There were a few weeks in there that I wasn’t letting them on the course to play yet because I thought we needed to just work on skill work. They came in, and they did everything I asked of them. I’m proud of them for that, and it shows. We’ve still got a long way to go,” Monaco said.

The Scots squad still wasn’t done shattering records at their opening weekend. 

Doherty and Witucki have continued to make solo records. 

Witucki tallied two of the Scots’ four birdies that weekend. These were her 24th and 25th birdies of her career and the first individual record for the season. The other singles record she broke was the lowest single-round score on opening day. She used a birdie to go five-over to end with a 77. 

Coach Monaco also spoke to Maryville College’s athletic communications department about Witucki’s prolific weekend. 

“She just needs to keep doing what she’s doing. She’s there early, and she’s always asking questions. She wants to get better, and she’ll continue to get better as she works on the aspects of the game that she struggles in a little. Honestly, right now, she’s playing phenomenal. Her course management—the second day, she didn’t even play well, to be honest. She kind of hit it all over the place, but for her to still be able to score and not shoot anything over 78 is amazing.” 

Witucki is now known to be the third-ever female Scot to have ever taken a course in the 70s. Doherty slightly one upped Witucki literally. She came onto the course on the second day and ended with a 76, which also broke the versus par mark. Doherty also posted two birdies in the opening weekend, which ranked her 19th while Witucki finished placing 13th.

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