Senior leadership is key to team 34’s softball success

The 2019 softball season opened with an explosive win over Webster College on Feb. 16 in the Rhodes College Tournament. Just two weeks in, however, the team’s schedule struggles against the inclement weather. Four games were canceled the weekend of Feb. 23, which caused Head Coach Leah Kelley to reschedule the important nonconference matchups that are integral for assessing the team’s dynamics.

“These nonconference games are meant to challenge us and keep us humble,” said Kelly “We play with a lot of confidence, especially since our success last year. They’re important in figuring out who we are.” She hopes to find the team’s rhythm through these games and carry that energy into the conference games later on in the season.

Essential to that team dynamic is a strong senior leadership, and with a total of seven fourth-year players, the potential for success is as great as it has ever been.

“I’m really hoping that each of the seven seniors can bring a different aspect to the team that benefits us on and off the field,” said senior infielder Sarah Gordon.

Along with a strong senior group, many pivotal players who won All-Conference honors last year and led the team in stats will suit up for another season this Spring.

“After last year, we were all excited to get back out there and see what we can do this year,” said Morgan Brewer, a junior infielder who has won Conference and Regional honors. “We have a lot of great players, and I can’t wait to see how far we can go this year.”

Kelley, Gordon, and Brewer say they have high hopes for post-season this year. Pertinent to getting there though is the hard work the team needs to put in each day at practice and games.

“The key for us will always be playing our game,” said Kelley. “As long as we go out on the field and sell out, win, lose or draw, I will be happy.”

Above all statistical or record goals the girls and Kelley make for the team, Kelley remains focused on bettering the girls as teammates and preparing them for life after school.

“Obviously, as a coach, there is the goal to win games, but I want to push my girls to be better people,” said Kelley. “I want to prepare them for life after they’re done with softball.”

Check out the Scots’ season schedule, game results, and personal stats on all your favorite players. Come out and support your fellow Scots at any of their many home games.

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