Senior Wills

I, Haley Saxon, will plenty of my sass to Kameron Graves, and if all possible, my Flex Dollars for endless coffee and Sour Patch Kids. I also will a little bit of my love for late night star gazing to Tabitha Edwards.


I, Alex Willard, would like to leave behind a challenge to constantly search for truth and to constantly grow your faith to all present and future MC students.


I, Emily Randles, would like to will my love and dedication to Concert Choir, Voices of Praise, InterVarsity, GCO, the Worship Night crew, and the faculty and staff in the music and education departments. I will numerous hours of practicing, working on thesis, attending various performances, and stressing out about juries to my fellow music majors.


I, Bethany Headrick, leave my formidable stress cleaning to Nicole Mitchell, my extraordinary sarcasm and puns to Joyce Coling, and all my sass to Molly Ridgeway.


I, Candace Kathleen Whitman, would like to will the leadership of the Dance Ensemble to Jessica Rhea, Bailey Decker, and Alyssa Miller. I know they will continue to grow the group and make it better and better in the years to come.


I, Erika J. Hipsky, would like to will my perseverance and enthusiasm to any Maryville College students who need them (but especially to those brave enough to combine hours of reading and writing as an English major with hours of lesson planning as a teacher licensure major). You can do this!

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