SPB hosts Uplift Week

Uplift week is a Student Programming Board (SPB) sponsored series of events meant to alleviate the seasonal depression that goes on this time of year in hopes of lifting students’ spirits with an assortment of intriguing, fun events to look forward to.

Uplift week first started out as “Feeling Blue?” an initiative from the Student Affairs office and surrounding community sponsors to promote and educate students on mental health awareness in 2012.

The program was revamped and renamed in 2015 as “ MC Uplift” to raise awareness and student involvement about mental health. In recent years, the program lost its momentum, but SPB is hoping to bring it back better than ever.

“In the past, we have always said that ‘uplift week’ is not owned by SPB. With an advisor who works with Reslife and Student Activities, SPB understands the major importance of why it should be on the calendar every year,” said SPB faculty advisor Doniqua Flack. “Although we do not usually lead and organize the week, we are desperately crying out for help when it comes to programming for the awareness of mental health.”

Such events involved are the kickstarter event which was free bowling for students at the Crest Bowling Lanes on Thursday, Feb. 28 from 7–10 p.m. This event intended to provide students with the chance to exercise and socialize for an extended period of time.

The convenient timing just two weeks before spring break provides students with the opportunity to stay energized for that last two week stretch before break. Another event to look forward to is the National Oreo Day on March 6, where SPB will be handing out Oreos to students for feel-good treats right before spring break begins.

But what do students think? “I like the idea of it, and I’d be interested in going to the events when my schedule allows it,” said sophomore Cass Bradley.

“It is really cool to have a week where you know you can relax a little bit, and hang out with friends while forgetting about comps,” said senior Claudia Pires.

“I think it’s a really great idea to provide opportunities for college students to decompress and just hang out with their friends,” said freshman Elisabeth Jackson. “It is healthy to get away and we take away from it this night full of memories to get us through burdensome times.”

This arrangement of inclusive events for students to participate in seeks to give students that mental rest that is needed, especially this time of the semester when everyone is busy with midterms and aching for spring break to begin.

It’s important for students to have something to look forward to and cut into the time between assignments and essays due, and what better way than to provide students with free events like bowling and Oreos.

SPB is looking forward to assisting students with much-needed mental relief and bringing students together with events like these to bring up the issue of mental awareness.

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