The Best Places To Explore in the Maryville Area

In no particular order, here’s what Maryville College students recommend exploring in the area.

The Bicentennial Greenbelt Park

The Greenbelt, located within walking distance of campus, is sophomore Emily Huffstetler’s favorite place to take a stroll. The Greenbelt is a park with streams, bridges, gazebos, and walking paths. Its main highlights are a connection to the gorgeous Pistol Creek and a paved nine-mile walkway with beautiful views.

Vienna Coffee Company

Vienna Coffee Company, very close to the Greenbelt, is a popular hangout, study spot, and coffee stop for Maryville students. The college student discount helps students get cheaper coffee, tea, kombucha, and juice. With a drive-thru, outdoor patio, couches, booths, and tables, Vienna has the perfect place for all students to focus on finals, or destress from them. Freshman Natalie Lay agrees.

Jacks of Knoxville

Freshman Anna Kasemir loves the atmosphere at Jacks of Knoxville. It has handmade goods and a coffee shop. With cute seating and a chill setting, college students flock here. Although it’s in Knoxville, most would agree that it is worth the 30-minute drive. 


Also in Knoxville, Skatetown is a personal favorite of freshman Sarah Bauknight. With the nostalgic and groovy ‘80s and ‘90s decor, this skating rink is a great date and outing spot. Saturday nights, they are open til midnight. Skate rental is only $5, with admission being $15. A safe, fun, and slightly childish night out for just $20 in total sounds like a great deal. 

Plant People: A Botanical Boutique

Sophomore Kelton Bloxham, plant extraordinaire, adores Plant People. It’s fully stocked with all kinds of plants, flowers and succulents. An adorable style and comfortable shopping experience is the epitome of this boutique. 

La Lupita

La Lupita is a Mexican restaurant on East Broadway. With great reviews on food and service, and a personal recommendation from senior Alexa Maqueo, this restaurant is sure to satisfy your appetite. They are even vegetarian-friendly. 

Southern Grace Coffee Co.

Decorated to embrace classic southern hospitality, with coffee and food so good your grandma could’ve made it, Southern Grace is another fantastic place to study–alone or with friends. Organically sourcing items and spreading Jesus’s love is the mission of this adorable, down-to-earth spot. Thanks to freshman Kaitlin Koster, now you know. 

Parkway Drive-In Theater

Now that movie theaters have reopened, and since everyone missed the movies during quarantine, go all out at the Parkway Drive-In Theater! People come here to appreciate America’s theater history, enjoy classic concessions, and cozy up in their car for a feature film or two. freshman Wade Matthews loves this place, and it’s only a 10-minute drive from campus.

The Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre, recommended by freshman Meredith Howell, is a favorite venue spot for many bands. When bands travel to this college town, this is the spot to be. With a coffee shop and art gallery, the Capitol really has it all. It can be found in Downtown Maryville. Look online to find out exactly what exciting shows are coming up.

Foothills Parkway

Not to be confused with the Parkway Drive-In, the Foothills Parkway is a scenic road only a 15-minute drive from campus travels upwards into the Great Smoky Mountains. With plenty of places to stop along the way and lookouts with wonderful views, freshman Kaylee Savell loves visiting to destress and have picnics with friends. This scenic drive is amazing in any season and is usually not too crowded.

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