Unique Places to Explore in the Local Area

Maryville is a small town, yet it is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. There are many places to explore that reveal the charm of the area. Although a lot of these places involve hikes or nature walks, there are also locations outside of the outdoorsy genre that can provide newcomers with a sense of community and wonder.

Hiking is at the fingertips of Maryville residents, and there is a multitude of hiking, biking and walking trails. A mere 20-minute drive from campus is the Mizell Trail Bluff. There, one can find a mild incline and steep cliff overlooking Tellico Lake. This hike is perfect for beginner hikers and those who enjoy scenic, rather than rigorous, terrain.

One of the better-known nature spots is Look Rock, which gives a bird’s eye view of the entire Maryville area. The lookout is located at the highest point on the Foothills Parkway, which stretches 33 miles and goes directly through Maryville. The hike to Look Rock is steep, yet short, and not overly strenuous. 

Maryville is chock-full of parks, which are the perfect places for hammocking, picnicking or simply enjoying the outdoors. Among them is Pearson Springs Park, which is home to multiple large, open fields. Along the outside of the park is a line of trees that are ideal for putting up a hammock and relaxing.

For plant lovers, there is Plant People Boutique. The newly opened establishment is a plant store and coffee shop hybrid that houses hundreds of species of plants. And, while plants are the main focus, they sell handmade pottery–vases, planters and mugs–as well as local handmade candles and wax melts. This endearing spot is located in a small house just five minutes away from Maryville College’s campus. To learn more about Plant People, visit their website: www.PlantPeopleBoutique.com.

Additionally, Maryville is definitely not lacking in coffee shops. In the city, there are two coffee shops within walking distance: Vienna Coffee Company and Southern Grace. These two spots are perfect for studying, socializing or quiet time, and they provide a variety of delicious drinks and bakery items.

When looking for something more immersive, in the center of Maryville lives the antique store Resurrected Relics. Whether shopping for an old book or a picture frame, the vintage store is packed full of historical and sentimental finds from decades in the past. It is the perfect store to spend hours upon hours looking through, as the history and stories seem endless. For more information, check out their website: www.ResurrectedRelicsTN.com.

Maryville may be a small city, but there are gems throughout that give it the charm that the residents know and love. Whether looking to soak up the sun or find somewhere to spend a rainy day, there are a variety of wonderful options.

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