Valen-Times Messages

my Holly Golightly and partner in crime, i hope you don’t cringe at this silly little rhyme i know you dislike February 14th as much as i do but i like silly little love poems and excuses to say i love you. i love being your girlfriend and you being mine Happy Valentine’s Day, Hudson Perrine –Anonymous

To Maylee- I love you so much! You mean the absolute world to me! You are the light in my world! Love, your bean!

To: Molly Burk, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Kansas doesn’t deserve you! – Josue Monroy

To: Will Phillips, your sense of humor is whimsical, your taste in poems is memorable, but the best thing about you is that you’re simply you and your charming laughter— Anonymous

Addison Alford, omg you are so cute🥺

To Haley Davis- I love you so much! You mean the absolute world to me! You are the light in my world! love, Nataly

to: corey n, you’re the wayne to my del… but with better accents and more good-looking — del

To: Bettye, i love you more than George Lucas loves Jar Jar Binks— Anonymous

Sierra, you’re the tear in my heart! I love you!!

To Catherine Earp, I love you so much! You mean the absolute world to me! You are the light in my world!

To: Emily Jo Christian, A relationship rooted in the spirit is what the father intends. I love you and thx for being my valentine!!!! ——Carder

Gratitude, love, and hugs to Behavioral Sciences Division: K. Beale, C. Colter, R. Cutrona, H. Dickey, N. Hilton, Z. Himmelberger, A. Myers, L. Schmied, A. Schratter, C. Schrock, and W. White — You are the best! — Bowing thrice in peace K. Shiba (chair)

To Kaitlyn Foust, roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t see myself happy without you -love, anonymous

To Kayla Zimmerman, I love you so much! You mean the absolute world to me! You are the light in my world!

Josue Monory, omg you are so adorable — Anonymous

To students majoring in Psychology, Child Development, Counseling, Neuroscience, ASL, and AEI — WE LOVE YOU!!!! – the faculty and staff of Behavioral Sciences

To: Lane Edward Carr Roses are red, violets are blue, those red short shorts look so good on you.

To: Anna Renninger, you’re not just out of the park but you’re out of this world — Anon

To Jojo, I love you to the moon and back ya goob. -Blake

To: Laura Palmer, I love you more than you know, babie. You’re one of my favorite people. Love you to pieces! –AMW

To the best roommates in the universe, you all brighten all of my days in all the best ways! Thank you for all you do and are, you beautiful humans. Love, kt

H,thank you for all the wonderful memories and more with you. -M

To: White Bluff’s crown jewel I’m really glad we stalked our profs on the internet that one time. Thx for being the best coffee hostess. — your bff/ anonymous

To: Myndalynn Word, You’re a shining bright star in all of the confusion of our senior year. Thank you for always being my picnic table buddy and study partner. I love you! —Sarah McFalls

Laura, You’re the best friend a girl could ask for. I love you. Jessy

Haiku // students couldn’t see : what they can grow up to be : without Dr. Lucas

To: all of those who need a friend valentine, I support you and you are valid!! – Carmela Lewis

To: Scottie the Texting Dog Thank you for always checking in and trying your best to make sure we are okay. Your responses make no sense but we love you anyway. From: Your Twitter Fan

m, thank you for everything. i love you lots! -l

To Lane: Roses are red, violets are blue, you don’t know who I am, but I cherish all of the special times spent with you. Love —Anonymous

To: Addison Alford, To my beautiful wife, I LOVE YOU!!! – Josue Monroy

Meridith Byrd, you are the most beautiful and kind soul that I have ever met, I love you more than anything! —anonymous

To: Emily Huffstetler, roses are red, violets are blue, i wouldn’t normally say this, but I love you?? –shelby

Kim Trevathan, thanks for being an amazing professor— anonymous

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