Watch the spookiest flicks this Halloween

  • Scary Films
    • “Hereditary”
      • The film is about a family that copes in different ways after the death of their grandmother. The daughter experiences depression and soon dies tragically by  incapacitation. This causes the mother to look for supernatural ways to deal with the death of her mother and daughter, but she is set up into initiating cultist rituals, along with her son. “Hereditary” does a great job of creating a horrifying setting with psychological occurrences that have you even question if what you saw really happened. There is always something new to learn from the film too. If you have seen this one before, you will likely see something that you didn’t see the first time on your second viewing , and it will make the film that much creepier.
    • “The Descent” 
      • “The Descent” is about one woman deceiving a group of her friends to go explore an unmapped cave. This is after the protagonist loses her husband and daughter in a fatal car crash. Once the friends get into the cave, they soon find out that they are not alone and that a lost colony of creatures reside there. One by one the friends start to get picked off by the creatures until the protagonist and the friend who lied about the cave are the only ones left. Their friendship starts to unravel as a secret is brought to light. This film might make you feel uncomfortable or maybe even give you second hand claustrophobia as the characters are constanatly crawling through small spaces(I am wary of including this word with no context)among the audience. The group not only had to worry about finding a way out the cave but surviving the unknown creatures.
    • Candyman
      • Candyman is one of the most iconic black supernatural killer in modern films. This film is about a killer that is summoned like Bloody Mary by saying his name five times in front a mirror. After performing the ritual, he appears to kill the one who summoned him. He draws an interest on a graduate student that doesn’t quite believe in the lore. She investigates the sighting of where he has been claimed to be seen. After finding an imitator, and assuming that she solved the Candyman murder, she eventually sees the real deal, and he’s not too happy with being called a myth. This movie combines a sense of horror with ambiguity. Throughout the film, you doubt the legend of Candyman, and as you find out with the protagonist that he isn’t real, until he is, and that creates more fear. He stalks her the entire film, until he wants to be seen. Another part of this film that stands out is its realistic view of an impoverished African American community. In the background, it displays issues of gang violence, homelessness, racism, and police brutality, which are all conflicts affecting African Americans currently.
  • Family Films
    • “Corpse Bride”
      • “Corpse Bride” is a stop-motion love story about  two people having an arranged marriage set up by their families. In the process of practicing his speech, the protagonist is kidnapped and taken to land of the dead. He is brought there to marry a woman that was murdered soon after her wedding. After getting to know each other, the undead woman captor realizes that the protagonist loves his fiancé and that they are meant for each other, so she lets him go so he can be with his love. The film’s setting gives it a childish horror feeling with zombies, skeletons, and a dark color palette. 
  • “Beetlejuice”
    • Unknowning of their deaths, the married protagonists realize that they are unable to leave their home. When they finally accept that they died in a car accident, they learn that they are stuck haunting their previous residence. The problem comes when an uptight, patronizing family tries to move into the house. The couple doesn’t like the family, so they try to frighten them into leaving. It doesn’t work, so they look for help. The help they receive is from a sociopathic ghost, Beetlejuice. The couple realizes that Beetlejuice tries to go too far, so they try to get rid of him and the family in one swoop. This movie focuses on haunting and poltergeist, in a way that would frighten a child, but would be a good film to watch with a family. The film also focuses on acceptance and moving on, which is something that everyone could learn.
  • “Little Vampire”
    • The film is about a child struggling to find friends after his family moves to Scotland. He is seen as an outcast, so he finds other outcasts to align with. He later learns that his new friend is a vampire and that his friend’s family is being pursued by a vampire hunter. He works to protect his new friend and his family. Although, the dialogue may not be the best, the movie expresses supernatural concepts in a children’s friendly way through friendship and individuality.

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