Welcoming Doug Davis to the Division of Natural Sciences

Professor Doug Davis joined the Division of Natural Sciences this fall at Maryville College. He previously lived in Fernandina, FL, where he taught chemistry and physics at Fernandina Beach High School. He has Bachelor’s in Chemistry from Milligan College, a Master’s in Chemistry from ETSU and Master of Education with a concentration in educational leadership, renewal and change from Colorado State University. Davis is originally from Georgetown, Kentucky. Since moving, he has lived in seven states. 

Professor Davis’ hobbies include hiking, riding bicycles, building things with his hands and fishing. Davis noted, “Maryville has some great lakes for fishing.”

Davis’ interview process for the position started late spring of 2021, but before deciding to apply to Maryville College, Davis visited the campus when he was a track and field coach. Davis expressed that he had become tired of traveling back and forth and not spending as much time with his family as he liked, which is why he decided it was time to move.

“I’m a science guy. I make spreadsheets, and when I made my decision to apply to Maryville, I did just that,” said Davis. “Maryville checked all my boxes, it was a great place, and I didn’t apply to any other jobs either.”

Davis shared that he is a firm believer in the liberal arts education. He believes that students shouldn’t trap themselves with courses that only fit their major or career goals and thinks they should venture and build on other skills as well. 

“I have always been a teacher. I am an instructor at heart,” said Davis. “Everywhere in this industry and other jobs, I always found myself teaching.”

When asked about his transition to Maryville, Davis said, “Well, you know, I am teaching chemistry to students who are typically in their freshman year. Then you have others who aren’t majoring in chemistry. So, the only thing I think about is the pace of teaching, the time I spend teaching a course is reduced to one semester.” 

Davis added that the age gap of his students right now compared to his high school students is a little comforting because they are in the same age range.

Davis mentioned that throughout all of his professions, he always tries to  “reinvent himself.” He noted that his favorite Life is Good shirt says, “love what you do and do what you love.” This is a motto that he said he tries to live by. He advised that we should have a realistic inventory of what we have and don’t have and that having reality checks help. 

Davis expressed how he wishes to evolve more in his profession at Maryville College and eventually teach at a higher level.

Davis summed up by saying, “I have few regrets.” 

However, shared that the path he chose to follow and his different professions have helped him land where he is now. 

Davis said, “I’m sitting here talking to you because of this process.” 

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