Who am I?

I am lying in your bed. You wake up and touch me. You are not entirely awake yet, but you dedicate your first moments of your day to me. Maybe you fall asleep again until I wake you up once more. You get up, you go to take a shower, brush your teeth and anything else you do to get ready for your day. You take me with you for breakfast.

I am your companion, your personal assistant. As soon as you are wide awake, you can finally give me your full attention. I let you know who tried to get in touch with you, if there are any important e-mails or messages. I keep you current what your friends are doing and what is happening in the world; you might think that I am omniscient.

You leave home, and your day begins. I like to be in touch with you. Sometimes I distract you a little; look out, don’t walk into that girl over there! I like to be around you. I can shield you when you place me in between your professor and yourself during classes. A study found out that you look at me on average 135 times per day. If you have a partner, it is more than likely that you look at me more often than at your partner.

You panic when I am not there. You fear you could have lost me. You can not go without me in the long run; I have to mean a lot to you. After all, I can offer you everything. I can be anything you want me to be for you.

I can be your calculator to do the numbers for you. I can record things for you. I can document your memories in pictures. I can be your magazine while you are sitting on the toilet (especially when there is Wi-Fi). I document important conversations. I help you set meetings. I help you organize your life. I can cheer you up when you are sad.

I can show you funny videos. I can connect you with people who love you and are there for you. I can play you fitting music for every situation. I can entertain you when you are bored and you can play with me. I am also not mad at you if you are in a bad mood or if you are too stressed to spend too much time with me.

However, with me, you always have the possibility to escape the situation, avoid reality and moments you don’t want to be in. Doesn’t that sound like everyone’s dream? Having someone to take you away into another world whenever you need it? I can do all of that.

I am there when you wake up. I am there when you live your everyday life. I am there when you talk to your loved ones. I am there when you make a journey. I am there when you eat and when you sleep. While you sleep I am waiting for you, waiting for you to wake up and give me your attention again.

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