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Men’s soccer team wins USA South All Sportsmanship Award

Posted by on Dec 6, 2017 in Feature Slider, Sports | 0 comments

One of the season-ending traditions of the USA South Conference is the presentation of the All Sportsmanship Award. Athletes of the conference vote for the team they believe showed the best sportsmanship throughout the length of the season. The 2017 Maryville College men’s soccer team won the award this year through their combined sportsmanship efforts on and off the field. The award was created in 2004 after the USA South Student Athlete Advisory Committee decided that one of the key values of DIII athletics is sportsmanship and felt that an award should be given each year. At the end of the school year, USA South will present the overall Sportsmanship Trophy to the institution with the most combined sportsmanship awards. The USA South Conference not only dedicates itself to helping students academically, but also strive to “promote good sportsmanship,...

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Meet the editors: Chandler Chastain

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“The Highland Echo” has been in print for over a century, and has seen many editors throughout its storied history. Chandler Chastain is making her mark in Maryville College history and continuing to bear the torch lit by those who came before by editing the Sports and Features sections of the Echo. “I wanted to write for the Echo because I think it’s such a great opportunity,” Chastain said. “Seeing your work in print is something unique and hard to have outside of college, so working for this newspaper is a great way for me to take advantage of the opportunities that Maryville College had to offer.” Keen to capitalize on these opportunities, Chandler rose through the ranks of the Echo to become an editor her senior year. She also has experience writing in a variety of genres. “I...

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Home for the holidays

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Holidays in the Andrews-Willis family come with a lot of laughing, crying and many games. There are two big holidays that we come together and celebrate every year: Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mother’s side of the family brings home at least 100 people for the holidays. Most of the time it is so huge that we have to rent out the church and have family dinner there. My family seems to just invade the whole city of Knoxville during these times. During Thanksgiving, everyone is in charge of something. My aunt is in charge of the collard greens. The queen of the household is in charge of the deviled eggs. My other aunt is in charge of the mac and cheese. As you can probably picture, this is supposed to be the best dinner of your natural born life,...

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Donald Trump’s first year

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The 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has been in office for nearly a year. His time in office has been faced with much adversity from both sides of the aisle, in a time when political tensions in America appear to be at an all time high, at least in recent memory. President Trump entered office following a brutal and divisive 2016 election, which ended with his winning the White House and Republicans continuing to have majorities in both houses of Congress. Though tensions have been high in American politics, it is important to take a step back from the sensationalism of the daily news cycle and quick posts on social media and, instead, evaluate this President and his Administration based on substantive policy achievements that have occurred in the last 10 months. I will admit...

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Four graphic design seniors present theses on Friday Dec. 8

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On Dec. 8, Kelsey Hanko, Emily Fitzpatrick, Alicia Yarlet, and myself will present our senior theses. Each of us have worked hard these past two semesters to put together some interesting pieces of design work. The showcase will be located in the Blackberry Farm Gallery and the William “Ed” Harmon Gallery in the Clayton Center for the Arts. There will be a reception to follow with all the essential “art gallery food and drink.” The gallery space will be open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the artwork will be displayed until Dec. 15. Yes, each of us are design majors, but we use our different styles to bring you artwork of all kinds. Kelsey Hanko built a visual identity for a sustainable art shop called “The Sustainable Artist.” “The Sustainable Artist” is an art store that strives...

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