A Guide to Braving Mercury Retrograde

Miss Fortune is a sophomore English major at Maryville College. Since boarding the wrong flight to McGee Tyson Airport in an attempt to go to Transylvania and instead wandering the Maryville College Woods for shelter, she enrolled and has lived in the basement of Willard House ever since. Her interest in astrology came from a Vienna barista’s accidental quintuple shot in her trademark dirty chai with oat milk. After one sip, she was able to speak to the campus squirrels. They taught her everything they knew about the universe and the stars. Some say that if you leave her a Pearson’s oatmeal raisin cookie in front of the English Department offices in Anderson Hall, you will receive better grades on your essays.

Intro: This April begins with a hars Mercury retrograde. Retrogrades are notoriously evil, and one during the Aries season will not be gentle. Everyone needs to be wary of feeling firey. This retrograde will cause everyone to be more inclined to fight and experience intense frustrations. Be sure to keep your head on straight and think about what you say before you say it. On April 2, the moon officially enters Capricorn and is the last quarter moon. This will be a good time to create plans and stick to them. Your ambition may be at an all-time high. The moon then shifts into Aquarius on April 3, which will further encourage your strides for individual growth. Then, Venus enters Aries on April 5. You will be lucky in love and may even feel confident to take a first step with someone you admire. 

Aries: Everyone is beginning to see your hard work this week. This coincides perfectly with your internal shift into working on your long-term goals. Remember to maintain balance to not burn yourself out. Your relationships with those that you see as mentors will flourish this week. Any advice you receive from them will be truthful and meaningful. This weekend, make sure you are spending time with those who care about you. Your life may feel a little fast right now. It is important to force it to slow down when you can. Also, happy birthday to any of you with birthdays this week.

Taurus: Peace, happiness and generosity are the themes for Taurus this week. Your compassion for those around you will seep out into all that you do. Now is a perfect time to treat yourself. Your creativity and fashion sense are heightened, and you deserve a cute new top! These good vibes will transfer into the weekend as you experience joy, acceptance and good fortune. This is your week, Taurus. Live it up!

Gemini: Your thoughts and your actions blend perfectly this week. Conversations will be pleasant, and your ideas will flow fruitfully. This combination seems perfect for negotiating because of your clear intentions and easy communication skills. This weekend, it is time to pour yourself into something that you love. This could either be starting a new hobby or perfecting one you have already begun. Your friends will admire your mediator essence and creative flow.

Cancer: You are the friend of the world this week. People may come to you as a shoulder to cry on. It is important to take care of those you care about, but remember to always put your needs first. Your emotions and creativity will be heightened this week. I recommend making art based on whatever emotion will not leave your head. This will benefit you in numerous ways. Your friends will be receptive to your emotions, so this is also a great time for getting your feelings off of your chest. 

Leo: This week may be hard for you, Leo. Deep down inside, all you will want to do is curl up in a soft blanket at home. Unfortunately, the universe is sending you anxious and insecure thoughts. This may stem from feeling overwhelmed in school or work. Make sure that you reach out to friends and family for help this week. You will definitely need it.

Virgo: A strong feeling of irritation may be in store for you this week, Virgo. Your emotions may seem so hard to manage. Taking care of yourself is crucial in this hard time. This weekend, you may start to feel a strange wave of self-confidence. Use this in your week to come. Be sure of your actions and choices. If anyone can persevere through hard times, it is you.

Libra: Be patient, Libra. You may feel the need to rush towards something. Remember to take things one step at a time. Now is a wonderful time for you to tackle hard tasks that have been looming over you. If you do them as they should be done, the universe will surely reward you, not only for your completion, but for your self-restraint as well. 

Scorpio: Scorpio, it is your time to shine! Everyone will be enthralled by your beauty this week. Your popularity will almost be suffocating. Like many of the other signs, now is a great time for creative endeavors. This weekend, try to get ahead. You will be greatly rewarded for being ahead of the game for next week. Your luck and good fortune are vast this weekend. Enjoy it!

Sagittarius: During the beginning of the week, from Monday to Wednesday, individuals born under the sign of Sagittarius can expect a period characterized by clear and quick thinking. This timeframe is conducive to focusing on mental work and communication tasks. With a heightened level of mental activity, Sagittarians are likely to find it an opportune time to express their thoughts through writing or speaking. The clarity of mind experienced during these days can facilitate effective communication and articulation of ideas.

Capricorn: During the weekdays, from Monday to Friday, you will experience a surge of creativity, imagination and idealism. Your artistic abilities will flourish effortlessly, especially in the realms of art, music and poetry. Your sense of fashion and beauty will be heightened, making shopping for clothes and accessories particularly enjoyable. This week’s Capricorn horoscope suggests a dreamy and relaxed demeanor, perfect for indulging in leisure activities like reading a novel or watching a movie. This period is also favorable for love relationships, as you may attract a romantic, sensual or spiritually inclined individual if you are single. For those in relationships, expect increased tenderness and affection from your partner.

Aquarius: During the early part of the week, from Monday to Thursday, you will find yourself in a perfect setting for romance, relaxation and daydreaming. Your love life is poised to benefit from your heightened tenderness and your ability to forge connections at a spiritual level. Your innate sense of compassion and desire to be of service to others will make this an opportune time to engage in charitable activities or extend help to those who are less fortunate. Additionally, this week’s Aquarius horoscope suggests that it is an ideal period for indulging in activities such as watching movies, hosting guests and enhancing the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Pisces: This week presents the opportunity for a new romantic connection or increased empathy and spiritual closeness in an existing relationship. The current Pisces weekly horoscope suggests engaging in a creative hobby or enjoying relaxation through watching a movie or listening to favorite music. You may feel inclined towards anything beautiful, while actively avoiding harsh or aggressive situations or environments.

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