Alexander reflects on MC tennis career

By Charles Pratt

As summer rapidly approaches, the regular season schedule for several spring sports here at Maryville College are coming to an end.

Women’s Tennis is one of those spring sports, and the Lady Scots finished the remaining four regular season matches last week.

The Lady Scots finished with an 8-6 regular season record, closing out the year with a three match win streak.

“It has been a rewarding season, maybe not in the winning and losing column, but we have formed lasting friendships and learned from both winning and losing,” senior Mary Alexander said.

Alexander is a standout on the tennis court, boasting a 13-1 singles record in her senior season.

“This year I’ve had a chance to improve all aspects of my game,” she said. “Usually my plan is to just hit the ball back one more time than my opponent, but now Coach [Deidra Dunn] has helped equip me with the skills needed to set up and finish the point.”

Coach Deidra Dunn took over both the Scot’s men’s and women’s tennis programs in 2006 and is very highly spoken of by her players.

Many people do not realize the highly active aspect of tennis, as a singles match can last more than three hours, and Alexander confirms the sports strenuous physical demands.

“The play is constant, no half times, no timeouts, and water breaks are limited,” she said.

The team participated in pre-season workouts as well as two-a-day practices, and they have reaped the benefits.

“The work we put in during the off-season increased our endurance as well as our skill levels,” Alexander explained.

As her collegiate career comes to an end, Alexander is grateful for the time she has spent competing on the court.

“It is definitely bitter sweet,” she commented. “Sports have been an integral part of my entire life and have led me down new paths, provided new opportunities, and opened new doors.”

It is clear that Alexander looks beyond wins and losses when reflecting on her collegiate athletic experiences.

“Playing tennis on the MC Women’s tennis team has taught me to be strong and resilient, provided opportunities to meet people and establish friendships,” she said. “Moreover, playing tennis at Maryville College has left me grateful for resources, health, friends, family, coaches, and an incredible college.”

Though she will not be competing next season, Alexander has high hopes for next year’s team.

“Our Women’s tennis team has potential,” she explained. “In the future, I hope we are able to tap into that potential.”

The Scot’s women’s tennis team finished the regular season with an impressive 9-0 win over Johnson University on April 22.

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