Ariana Grande releases her sixth studio album, “Positions”

 Ariana Grande got her first big break on the Nickelodeon show “Victorious.” Ever since the show ended, Grande has been on other Nickelodeon shows such as “Sam & Cat.” Her debut album, “Yours Truly,” released in 2013, was the star’s big introduction as a mature vocalist. She has released five albums since then: “My Everything,” “Dangerous Woman”, “Sweetener,” “thank u, next” and this highly anticipated album “Positions,” released on Oct. 30, 2020.  Grande has pushed expectations since her 2019 Grammy win for Best Pop Vocal Album with “Sweetener.” She also released “thank u, next” in the same year. 

“Positions” is a R&B album that includes big artists such as The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign, and Doja Cat. This is her sixth studio album after releasing two major albums two years ago. This album is a more mature and experienced Grande. The songs have an orchestra background to accompany her powerhouse voice.

“POV” – This song is a strong pop ballad that shows off her vocals beautifully. It talks about how she wishes she could love herself as much as her lover does. She layers her vocals in this song to imitate a choir. Her voice is the focal point of the song and it shows, especially at the end. 

Personal ranking: 10/10

“Love Language” – This song is a retro-jazz sounding song.  Grande throws it back to old club singers in the way she pronounces her words. This song is her talking to her lover about her love language and the type of love she deserves. 

Personal ranking: 7/10

“Positions” – Positions is a sensual pop song that was accompanied by a music video of Grande in the White House. This is the most poppy sounding song on the album. This was her first single off her album and is about her and her lover in a romantic setting. 

Personal ranking: 7.5/10

“Just Like Magic” – This song is more of a soft trap vibe to it. She uses words like “manifest” as her main subject in this song. This song is about self-love and how she attracts positive energy into her life. 

Personal ranking: 9/10

“Off the Table” ft. The Weeknd – This is a back and forth conversation between Ariana and her lover (portrayed by The Weeknd) and how she is not ready for love. This song is more of a personal confession. 

Personal ranking: 6.5/10

“Motive” ft. Doja Cat – This song is a pop/R&B song that has some swing to it. It is a fun and bouncy song that shows her more playful side. This song is about Grande talking to a potential lover about what their motives are. 

Personal ranking: 8/10

“Safety Net” ft. Ty Dolla $ign – This song from feedback seems to be the favorite collab off the album. She is more soft-spoken in this song. This song almost resembles an ASMR video with how gentle it is. This song is Grande talking about her lover and how she fell for him without anything to catch her. 

Personal ranking: 10/10

“34 + 35” – This song is a pure pop song that makes sensual banter fun. She talks about what she wants her lover to do to her. She gave this song a music video that will be her second single. 

Personal ranking: 6.5/10

“Six-Thirty” – This song is a soft pop/R&B song that really stretches her vocals. This a cool song that you can vibe to. This song is Grande talking to her lover about coming over at six-thirty and talks about how silly her relationship is with her lover is. 

Personal ranking: 8.5/10

“Nasty-Nasty” – This is a soft pop ballad. This song talks about how Grande and her lover get along so well. This is a more upbeat song and something you can listen to when thinking about that special someone. She gets into detail of how she and him fit together in a more sensual way. 

Personal ranking: 10/10

“West Side” – This song is more of an experimental song with a lot of cassette roll backs. It has a more chill vibe to it and gives you a “vibing with my man” type of feel. She talks about how she is going to impress her partner and how she is going to bring light into his life. 

Personal ranking: 5.5/10

“My Hair”- This is a retro-pop sounding song. This song could be perfect for your playlist. It is very forward and could give you confidence. She talks about how she wants her lover to run their fingers to run through her hair. 

Personal ranking: 7/10

“Shut Up” – This is an orchestral pop ballad. This song really put heavy importance on the background and her voice. This song will give you the push to tell your haters nicely, “SHUT UP!!!” She talks about her haters and how they should stop talking because she is amazing. 

Personal ranking: 10/10

“Obvious” – This song is more a Disney princess sounding pop song. This song makes you feel as if you are running through a castle. This is definitely a song to listen after you get a princess or prince. She talks about how she loves her lover and how she wants him to stay with her all the time. 

Personal ranking: 10/10

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