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Letter to the Editor: one student’s take on the new library quiet space

Posted by on Mar 7, 2018 in Perspectives | 0 comments

Editor’s note: During the inter-semester period between J-Term and Spring Semester, the MC library staff created a new quiet zone in the ground floor annex space. This space previously held several tables and was often used by student group-study leaders to host group study sessions. The library staff chose to designate this area as a quiet zone in an effort to give students more opportunities to study uninterrupted. On the first day of Spring Semester, I walked into Thaw Hall heading towards the back to my usual study spot. I was shocked to find it gone and replaced with a quiet area. The tables were moved up front and there were small study carrols where the tables used to reside. Coming back from J-term and ready to start the Spring Semester, my favorite study area was gone. It was...

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MC student studied abroad as a freshman

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017 in Feature Slider, Perspectives | 0 comments

   Standing on the slippery stone, I looked across the ocean. The wind was harsh and cutting. The sky was bright, clear and blue. I could see for miles. From where I was, Scotland was in the distance.     A plethora of rolling hills peaked out of the spray of the sea. The ocean crashed against the strangely shaped rocks. A seagull picked at its feathers. The waves lapped, shaping and eroding the honeycombed shaped rocks. I stood in awe of what was before me: an entire stone kingdom shaped by time, erosion, and lava long gone. This was Ireland.     Over the summer before my freshman year, someone from the International House posted in the Maryville College Class of 2020 Facebook Group that they were still looking for students for a J-Term trip, and that the professors were opening it...

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