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Students create new opportunities on campus

Posted by on Jan 24, 2018 in Features | 0 comments

One of the perks of attending a liberal arts college is that students have more control over opportunities that happen on campus.  From continuing athletics outside of the college’s varsity sports, to job opportunities, to creating new clubs and organizations, Maryville students continuously find ways to pursue their passions. Take myself for example.  I started track and field my junior year of high school and immediately fell in love.  I started running to lose weight and decided that competing in the sport would motivate me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   When choosing colleges, I knew I wanted to continue running. I was thankful that I could still compete in college, although I’m only recognized as being a cross country runner because Maryville doesn’t have an full-fledged track team.  For my own fitness, I knew that track best complemented...

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Miles to go before I sleep: a reflection of the 2017 cross country season

Posted by on Nov 22, 2017 in Feature Slider, Features, Sports | 0 comments

Cross country takes place at an interesting time of year. We begin our season by running with minimal clothing and conclude our season in layers. “Season” is an interesting term in the running community. Traditionally, winter is the indoor track season, followed by outdoor track in the spring. Because Maryville College does not have a track team, spring means speed to prepare the runner for the next six months. Summer means heavy mileage for building the stamina and endurance to make us faster than before. At last, fall arrives. Cross country season is here. With the joys of longer runs to zone out, the cross-country athlete must also endure sustained fast-pace miles embedded in interval and tempo workouts. Like all sports, cross country athletes spend time conditioning, which takes its form in both running and weight training. Six days...

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