Closet essentials: Three must-have wardrobe essentials

closet essentials

I thought we should talk about the building blocks of any great wardrobe.
Like the foundation of a mansion, these few pieces are the base of a well-rounded
wardrobe. No matter what style trend you follow, owning each of these pieces can
serve you from class to going out, and even in the work world. My three wardrobe
essentials are a classic button-up, a L.B.D. and at least one “you” item.

First off, we have the classic button-up. I firmly believe that everyone—girls and
guys—should own at least one button-up shirt in either white or light blue. These
shirts can be dressed down with jeans and boots for class. You could also go the
professional route by adding work appropriate bottoms.
Another option for this incredibly versatile item is to glam it up for a date night or
a night out. For this look, I would pair the button-up with a sequined skirt or some
funky pants.

A staple in any lady’s closet should be a L.B.D., or little black dress. Like the
button-up, the L.B.D. has endless opportunities to be dressed up or down depending
on the occasion. It is important to note that you may not find the perfect L.B.D. that
transitions seamlessly from class to cocktails in your price range. You might want to
try a fun L.B.D. for going out, and a more modest option for work and class.
If you already have the perfect L.B.D., try out the L.W.D. (little white dress), L.R.D.
(little red dress) or any other color you fancy.

Finally, my personal favorite wardrobe item has to be the “you” item. I define a
“you” item as any piece of clothing that you are excited to wear or that makes you
feel like the best version of yourself when you wear it. This item is probably the
most special piece of clothing/jewelry that you own. It might be a fully sequined
skirt, a wildly fun sweater, or your great-grandmother’s pearls. Whatever this may
be for you, don’t reserve it for solely special occasions. Why can’t a Monday be
worthy of breaking out your “you” item?

These three pieces are closet essentials. Since most of these articles are timeless,
they can possibly justify spending a little more than you normally do. Even on a
college student’s budget, these pieces are worth the investment. All of the items in
this set are under $50.

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