Dance Ensemble celebrates “200 years of love”

The Dance Ensemble showcase has become an institution every semester on the Maryville College campus since its inception. 

Consisting of students from every year with a passion for dance who are hoping to further their experience and express themselves, Dance Ensemble is proud to present this semester’s theme: “200 Years of Love.”

In celebration of the college’s bicentennial year, the theme, “200 Years of Love,” was a perfect fit according to MollyAnn Puckett and Bailee Burleson, co-heads of Dance Ensemble.

 “It just happened to work out,” Burleson said. “We get to show off our love for campus in the theme.” The overarching theme in the “200 Years of Love” showcase is, of course, love— 

But not just romantic love songs will be danced to. 

Burleson has personally choreographed a “Love Through the Decades” dance that encompasses everything from traditional romantic love songs to friendship-love and self-love. 

The types of dances to be showcased are just as diverse as the types of love presented, ranging from hip-hop to lyrical dancing and everything in between, all choreographed by members of the Ensemble. 

Captain MollyAnn Puckett leads Ensemble members in anticipation of their Fall showcase. Photo by Savannah Stewart

Performing earlier this year than it has in years prior, the showcase has had a hard time finding a time to take place. 

“We’ve been trying to secure dates as early as April,” Burleson said. “It’s been a lot of back and forth with the Clayton Center, because spaces are so limited with it being the Bicentennial year. It had to be either in September or October this year.” 

“The later the better,” Puckett said. Despite the chaotic date selection, Dance Ensemble has found a solid one. 

“200 Years of Love” will take place on Sat. October 5 at 6 p.m. in Lambert Recital Hall in Clayton B with admission being free for students and $8 for general admission.  For more information about Maryville College’s Dance Ensemble please contact MollyAnn Puckett at [email protected] or Bailee Burleson at [email protected]

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