Football team concludes season with impressive 8-2 record

Having a 8-2 record means more to the Maryville College Football Team than one might expect. This is only the 10th time in program history that the Scots have had an undefeated home season since World War II, and the first time since 2015. In addition to this, it is the eighth time in program history that the Maryville College football team has had an eight-win season since 2016.

On Nov. 11, the Scots concluded their season with the last home game against the Southern Virginia University Knights. With a final score of 48-10, Maryville College ends with a record of 8-2.

Ben Fox, Head Football Coach, believes that their record this year is a big accomplishment, not only for the College, but also for his players.

“Especially for the guys who are seniors, you always want to leave something better than you found it, and they have done that. This will be a real testament to their leadership, their hard work, their grit, their toughness and all of the things you hope to learn while playing college athletics,” said Fox.

With a record of 8-2, this is definitely a turning point within their program for the coming years.

Sara Quatrocky, Athletic Director for Maryville College, believes Head Coach Ben Fox was hired for a reason. 

“Clearly, we did hire Coach Fox to create a legacy, turn around the program and create a culture of winning for the football team,” Quatrocky said. “I never had a doubt this is where we would be.”

The game was also Senior Day, where 35 seniors were recognized. It marked a bittersweet, but exciting period of transition.

“It’s very emotional for our guys. That day was really hard because there is a real finality to it,” Fox said. “There are some special kids in this group—a couple of them we would not be where we are without them.”

The players shared the same sentiment.

“It is emotional and special because this is the last time you are going to be able to be with this group of brothers you have been with for the past three or four years, and this was our last football game ever,” Nate Carwile, senior, said. “Now that my career is done, I will be attending Pharmacy School next fall at the University of Tennessee. It will be a change of scenery, but I am excited for it.”

In concluding a remarkable season, the Maryville College Football Team’s 8-2 record stands as a testament to the hard work and talent of the players, raising the bar for the years to come. Beyond the field, graduating seniors have an exciting future ahead.

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