Intramural softball season brought to halt

The excitement of spring softball intramurals was brought to an abrupt halt in its first week after equipment was stolen and evidence of the consumption of alcohol was found at the games.

The games began the week of April 17, but were hit with rain delays within the first day of play. Games were held on April 20, but to the dismay of players and participants of the intramurals club alike, two incidents happened in which led to the decision of canceling the games until further notice.

On the following day, Director of Intramurals, Josh Anderson, sent a notice to all participating teams and players explaining what had happened and the decision to cancel the games.

“Last night several pieces of softball equipment belonging to the Maryville college Intramural program were stolen. By the end of the night, 3 softball gloves were missing,” said Anderson. “These gloves are extremely valuable to the intramural program since not all participants own their own glove.”

Anderson and the program works hard to be able to give out equipment to players who do not have it. The stolen equipment would make it hard for Anderson to help players who do not have the means to bring their own to the games.

“In addition, there was no shortage of evidence leading to the consumption of alcohol during last nights festivities,” said Anderson in his email.

Anderson also went on to explain that the program rules explicitly state and prohibit the use of alcohol and intramural sporting events. However, he also stated that if the stolen gloves are returned, he will consider continuation in both the men’s and women’s intramural softball leagues.

Senior MC student and player, Bailey Thompson, was one of the participants affected by the decision. Thompson’s team, the All Stars, were not given the chance to even play a game as their first game was won in a forfeit. Her entire team was devastated at the news and the lack of game time this season.

“I am very disappointed because I enjoyed playing all three years leading up to this year,” said Thompson. “I was excited for senior season, and am especially frustrated because my team didn’t even get a chance to play and show we can follow the rules.”

Thompson is the captain of her softball team and was sad to inform her teammates they would not get to play this season. Anderson also stated that students could feel free to contact him if they had any questions, comments or concerns.

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