MC meme gains popularity

We all know it's true, espcecially if all of your classes are on the third floor. Image courtesy of MC Meme Facebook site

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a meme as “an idea, behavior, style or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.”

One big way a meme can spread is through media outlets like Facebook. Memes are collected that tie to a specific topic, like annoying internet users, foul bachelors and silly puns. Applied in the correct way, these memes can be about almost anything, including Maryville College.

Recently, a Facebook page was created to allow students to share their own memes about MC with others linked to the page.

It should be noted that Maryville College itself does not operate this page.

Alternatively, an unknown, outside source moderates this Facebook page.

Several people have posted their own memes related to MC, showing their opinions on several issues like the confusing configuration of Anderson Hall as well as the crowds of Pearsons Hall and the yearly tuition increase.

Students are generally pleased with the page, which has over 300 likes and counting.

“I really like [the MC meme page],” said Caitlyn Gardner, a freshman. “I love memes, so I think it’s cool and really relatable.”

Professors like Dr. Maria Siopsis, assistant professor of mathematics, also had positive reactions.

Although most of these memes are harmless and funny to students and staff, memes have also portrayed certain aspects and individuals on campus in a negative light.

Success Kid knows what's up. Check out MC Meme for more memes like these. Image courtesy of MC Meme Facebook page

For instance, some professor-centered memes have shown difficult professors in typical interaction with students or professors with grotesque characterizations. Others have compared professors to fictional characters. However, most of these memes have actually put professors in a good or humorous light.

Overall, the MC meme page allows students to use their imaginations and express their feelings about campus in a different way.

In a way, the MC memes build community.

Underclassmen could look at these memes as advice or warnings from upperclassmen from other students that are either warning them or encouraging them, and students can share campus-wide inside jokes.

The page encourages students to submit their own memes so that these ideas and thoughts can be unified and passed on throughout the MC campus.

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