MC senior steps into the world of student teaching and embraces every moment

Each day is a new adventure. Each day is a new obstacle. Each child is precious. Each kid deserves the chance to succeed.

As a future teacher, I had no idea just how true each of these statements would turn out to be.  I believed in each and every one of them, but the reality does not always sink in until it’s staring you in the face.

Since entering Maryville College, I knew that I wanted to teach. I knew that teaching was something that I needed to do for me, but I had to admit it to myself first. I knew that I fully believe in the future of all children and the effort that they put in. I knew that each child has the capability to become whatever it is that he or she wants to be, all they need, is to believe in themselves.

Since the day I declared my major, my mission was born. Becoming a teacher is all that was on my mind so I did whatever I could to have an opportunity to teach America’s future. Being a teacher was my one goal, and I knew I would obtain it.

Now, three years later, I have my chance to truly begin my journey. Student teaching has officially begun for 25 Seniors, myself included. Each day we wake up early, teach all day, wipe tears, guide those in need and love all these kids to our biggest capacity.

The little bit of sleep is worth it. The lightbulb that pops on when something is finally understood is worth it. There is no greater feeling than seeing a student master something they didn’t think they could. There is no greater feeling than seeing a smile on a child’s face and them realizing that they can owe their successes to their own abilities.

I’m beyond lucky. I have the greatest gift of student teaching with seniors. These kids really are not even kids anymore, but it amazes me how much of a difference four years can make. They have their whole lives ahead of them, and I, somehow, am lucky enough to be a part of that. Each day they learn and grow, and as a future teacher, what more could I ask for?

Student teaching is not only about teaching the students that are put in front of us, but learning ourselves. Every day, I learn something new from these kids, and more often than not it is something about myself. I am no longer learning the content that I teach, but rather I learn about who I am as a person.

I have learned that each action I take has an effect. I never truly understood that until I had 75 kids looking up to me for what to do.

I have learned that each child is individual and unique. This has never been more true until I have had the chance to watch each of these kids learn and grow day by day. The growth is exponential; the individuality is everything.

I have learned that though the long hours can be tough, the grading can take forever, and the effort it takes on my part may be difficult, there is absolutely nothing in this world that is more rewarding to me.   Being emotionally invested is an understatement, since I take everyone’s future in my hands. I want all these kids to learn something from me, but something more than just English.

These kids are capable and want to learn. They are tired, but aren’t we all? They want to give up, but it is my job to also encourage them that they can do it. I could never have asked for a more perfect job than to encourage those that need it. What could be more rewarding than that?

Each day is special. Each child that comes across my path has left a mark. The days are long, the days are tough, but it is so worth it. They are worth it.  Having the opportunity to spend my last semester of college with high school seniors could not be more perfect.

The student teaching experience has been one that none of the licensure majors will forget any time soon. Each Wednesday that we have class, the stories are coming out, the pride is there in our students, and the love that each of us feel for all our kids is overwhelming.  To hear my classmates talk about their students and reflect the feelings that I have, is the most special feeling that any teacher could hope for.

The road is long, but it is drivable.

The kids are tough, but they are worth it. They are worth the effort. They are worth every success and every failure.

America’s future is in my hands, and I am ready to take on that challenge.

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